When artistic elements combine: Alankara and Geshany Balder create art

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In another example of serendipitous creative collaboration, leading jeweller Alankara and local artist Geshany Balder joined hands to launch Alankara’s latest offering – an exquisite new collection called “Dawn To Dusk”. 

The renowned jewellery brand is committed to promoting local artists in Sri Lanka, by including their art in display units at the flagship Alankara shop at Odel in Colombo 7.This alternative exhibition space creates a new ‘everyday’ audience for up-and-coming artists like Geshany. 

The Dawn to Dusk collection is made exclusively in gold and diamonds, and features uniquely designed pendants, earrings and rings. As the name suggests, the pieces are designed to be worn throughout the day, and into the night, holding their own at any hour, with any attire and on any occasion.  

Alankara Director Roshini Sangani explains the similarities between Geshany’s work and the new collection: “Dawn To Dusk features very organic lines and shapes, and we felt that Geshany’s art really complimented the look and feel of our range. Her use of soft colours and gestural shapes created an ideal backdrop for the pieces in our collection, and we found that our inspiration had stemmed from an identical place – elements found in nature like rocks, waves, branches and clouds.”

Sri Lankan born Geshany has family roots in Germany and studied art in both Europe and Asia. She bases her work on neo-surrealism, seeking to distort the elements of time and space and explore what lies beyond our everyday reality. Examining the unknown and delving into both interstellar and inter-dimensional worlds; Geshany also includes mythical characters in her art. 

Geshany herself felt an immediate link to the Dawn To Dusk collection: “These are truly beautifully crafted and versatile pieces of jewelry. They enhance any look. I really appreciate the fact that Alankara invited me to be a part of this collection, the support from brands like Alankara is invaluable for local artists like myself, and I am very happy that they intend to continue melding their creative output with that of local artists.” 

Explore more of Geshany’s current art projects through her Instagram page - @geshany_balder. 

“We have been delighted with all the artistic collaborations we have entered into so far, and we will continue down this path in the future,” confirmed Roshini. “In Geshany we saw someone who was as committed as we are to creating art that opens the mind to new discoveries; that shared goal made working with her a very easy and enjoyable experience.” 

To see the Dawn To Dusk collection, or learn more about Alankara’s exquisite jewelry and design philosophy, visit their Facebook page - www.facebook.com/AlankaraJewelry.