Nadiya and Gerald team up

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Gerald and Nadiya 

Chagall, everyone’s hair and grooming destination with master stylist and hair wizard Gerald Solomons the master of it all, on hand to give his master touch, has now teamed up with makeup hot shot Nadiya Fernando who will handle all her clients as well as Chagall’s from Chagall’s plush new salon at Parkland.

“We are so excited about our partnership,” said both Gerald and Nadiya. “This really is a match made in heaven and we know it’s something that will benefit our clients as well as ourselves!”

Nadiya who has her own brand, You by the Wax Museum, has been making a name for herself as someone who uses the latest makeup techniques, the best of makeup brands and believes that ‘less is more’. Her clientele range from the young to the not so young, “basically anyone who wants to look good, but not overdone,” says Nadiya. “I want Sri Lankans to realise that more is not necessarily the best way to go and you can look good without an overload of makeup. Skin needs to breathe and make up should be used to enhance, but naturally and tastefully, without making its use obvious.”

Gerald who has established Chagall as Sri Lanka’s most elite and fashionable salon, was the obvious choice for Nadiya who wanted to partner only with the best! 

Nadiya will be doing her entire range of services at Chagall and clients can be assured that only the very best brands and the latest techniques will be used by her. 

“Inclusivity in the beauty industry is a relatively modern trend. While brands like MAC and Bobbi Brown have offered a wide range of foundation shades since the mid-2010s, Rihanna’s Fenty makeup line was the first to make that inclusivity a focal selling point of their brand in 2017, inspiring other makeup giants to expand their foundation ranges to upwards of 40 shades.” 

One of Colombo’s most-cited makeup artists, Nadiya is known for her expertise with skin. Her Instagram features clients with flawless, glossy, I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-a-filter skin, and the eventual result is something she believes happens from the inside out. “Good food, nutrients, exercise, it’s the whole package. And I want to promote that.” 

As for Gerald, well he’s a ‘living legend’ to quote his clients. Having established himself and Chagall as the hairdresser/stylist and salon of the elite, Gerald’s doors are open to anyone who wants to look good and different to those around them. “Our doors are open to everyone who wants to look good, who wants to make a statement and who dares to be different,” said Gerald.

Gerald has magic in his fingers and can transform a person in literally minutes. A maestro at his art and a charming and sincere human being, Gerald is one of those rare people who can literally perform wonders.

Chagall was set up in New Zealand where Gerald lived for over 20 years and then moved back to Sydney where Chagall continued. Gerald has also worked in Hawaii, Australia and London.

Gerald and Chagall for a continuation of unforgettable hair wizardry, while Nadiya says that the potential for transformation is her adrenalin!