a one-stop app for wedding planning

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  • A free app that holds the capabilities of an expensive wedding planner, a wedding planning app, has been launched with the capabilities of planning and conceptualising all frustrating wedding needs, from the venue to menu with right theme, colour etc., taking away any stress and concern couples will have planning their biggest day amidst a busy schedule. 

If a couple plans a wedding solo (sans professional wedding planner), one is bound to experience an enormous amount of stress. A wedding is said to be ‘the happiest day of your life’ but it involves a lot of work. However, like everything else in our tech-filled world, app will help plan the most magical day, that is innovative and has the capability to deviate the bride and groom from uncalled for frustrations. 

“ is an app for those couples who wants a magical day amidst their long work days and little to no spare time when it comes to sourcing and managing wedding venues and suppliers. As Millennials and Gen Z are predominantly smartphone generations, as such having an app in the palm of their hand that is similar to a professional wedding planner that can assist them on the design, planning, and management of the big day is a huge advantage. As such the app would function as a platform for vendors who are in the wedding business, under a ranking system that would provide the app users insight on the vendor and their compatibility to their requirement. In addition, in the form of an app, generates more visibility to the vendors on the platform among a broader customer base,” added Modern Ltd. CEO Rasindu Lakmal. app will feature wedding task management, allowing the couples to stay connected with the service providers, and saving all search data and function an ultimate wedding organiser, the app will also provide guidance to connect app users with expert advice on planning a wedding such as etiquette tips, decor trends and even wedding songs. As such a customer may learn and obtain ideas from the ‘wedding inspiration’ section. Therefore, rather than tedious web search with options that may not in some occasions apply to the client’s taste, through, a consumer can streamline all their wedding research.

Unarguably, will be the first and foremost virtual wedding market through which the clients are connected to service specialists in the field in order to bring the wedding dreams of many into a reality. The service is most importantly free for its users and reliable and hassle-free. All client information are kept in with strict confidentiality and are protected with existing data protection laws of Sri Lanka. On the other hand, the service providers are able to reach the target audience that they seek, thus avoiding any unnecessary advertising costs to promote their services, a service provider may engage in an effective communication strategy through this B2C platform.