Globally renowned Pond’s Institute shares skincare secrets

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Panal from left: Moderator Joanne, Ponds Brand Manager Madhavi Jayarathne, Permita Bose, Sigrid de Silva, Pallavi Symons and Unilever Senior Brand Manager Daminda Perera


By Shannon Jayawardena

Ponds introduced globally renowned Pond’s Institute which is an expert face care hub to Sri Lanka for the first time on 13 December at Cinnamon Grand. The Institute showcased some of the latest technological innovations that are intervened with science.

The Pond’s Institute has branches in cities all across the world from Tokyo, Madrid, New York, Karachi, Shanghai and Manila and brings together years of skincare science with over 700 scientists from approximately 56 countries to provide better solutions for every skin type, especially those living in Asian regions.

While the best scientific knowledge on treatment for modern day skincare issues are accessible at the establishment the company’s main focuses are on analysing the evolving needs of different skin types around the world, uncovering insights on how these skin factors influence people’s perceptions and designing molecules clinically proven to deliver superior skin results.

The Pond’s Institute thereby holds over 200 patents and was the first to introduce many anti-ageing products, cleansing and skin lightening products that provide an extensive range of items which address the Asian skin tones that are often ousted to the strong sunlight and polluted climate. 

The occasion featured a cutting-edge 3D facial analyser which was also presented to the country for the first time that gave participants the opportunity to gain guided consultation on suitable face remedies as the machine defines not only the ageing of the skin but detects all skin related problems.

The event also highlighted interactive stations for customers to learn more about certain products, a beauty makeup parlour that enabled participants to enjoy a touch of glamorous makeup, the 3D face analysers, touch screen product informative smart boards and a sun-booth that showed the actual damage that happens to the skin when exposed to 10 minutes in the sun.

Face care experts, Celebrity Indian Makeup Artist Pallavi Symons, Dietician, Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultant Sigrid de Silva and Hindustani Unilever R&D Expert Permita Bose shared intuitions and information on quality artefact usage and tips on leading a healthy lifestyle throughout the entire segment while discussing topics such as food that is healthy for your skin, anti-ageing, pimple related remedies and the different makeup to be used on different age groups and skin types.

“At Pond’s we really craft and design our products with the latest technology and we make sure that our products are safe to use as they do not contain any heavy chemicals. You need to be careful when picking up the right skincare products for yourself and at Pond’s we ensure that our products are tested, approved and accredited by the dermatologists so that it is safe to use,” Permita Bose said.

Symons then gave a stunning performance by showcasing her talent of makeup artistry by the application on a model present at the occasion. She addressed the gathering stating, “The Pond’s BB product has many advantages in one box. Primers are the most important while the use of moisturisers and sunscreens are also essential when maintaining good skin.”

Speaking on the significance of consuming good food for better skin quality de Silva reiterated that, “It’s very important not only for women but men as well. Being married to a Sri Lankan I can say that they are also very concerned on taking care of themselves. However the most common problems are eating a lot from out and snacking a lot. These foods can lead to obesity, diabetes, liver and kidney diseases. Therefore it is very important to eat healthy food and spread awareness on such topics because if there is no awareness then there is no change.”

A panel discussion was held towards the end of the workshop moderated by Joanne together with panellists, Pond’s Brand Manager Medhavi Jayarathne, Celebrity Indian Makeup Artist Pallavi Symons, Dietician, Nutrition, Lifestyle Consultant Sigrid de Silva and Hindustani Unilever R&D Expert Permita Bose and Unilever Sri Lanka Senior Brand Manager Daminda Perera.

-Pix by Shehan Gunasekara