Dimensions brings ancient art of energy healing into 21st Century in Sri Lanka

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For thousands of years many cultures around the world have been known to study the various energies that are believed to inhabit the human body, which inevitably led to the birth of the art of energy healing. Although various ancient cultures used different modalities to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal, they all saw internal energy as a powerful force of good. 

Today the practice of the study and healing of energy flourishes in many forms, supported and aided by various technological developments. One such organisation that combines ancient and modern methods of energy healing in Sri Lanka is Dimensions. 

The core belief of Dimensions is that energy is the key to achieving a sound mind and healthy body. The staff at Dimensions is dedicated to the task of facilitating good energy and a positive mindset via holistic health counselling and healing. They are also qualified to provide customers with necessary advice pertaining to the removal of various blockages and the most suitable manners by which to promote positivity and success in life. In order to help customers achieve a stress-free sense of complete well being, Dimensions utilises techniques such as Reiki, Aura Reading, Chakra Balancing and Crystal Therapy. 

With the aim of meeting the needs of their customers and keeping up with the latest trends in the field, Dimensions has recently purchased a Biopulsar Reflexograph System from Auramed, a German innovative company, which specialises in medical technology. 

The Biopulsar Reflexograph System is currently the most advanced piece of machinery used for holistic analysis. Receiving biofeedback through hand sensors from various internal organs, the Biopulsar Reflexograph System is able to gain readings of body aura, organ aura and chakra activity. These readings enable the detection of many types of symptoms, illnesses and disorders, which in turn can be evaluated in order to provide each individual with very specific healing treatments. Dimensions is the only organisation of its kind in Sri Lanka currently in possession of a Biopulsar Reflexograph System.

Developed and manufactured to meet the very highest of German standards, the products of Auramed are utilised in clinics, practices, TCM and Ayurveda clinics, institutes for mental healing and expansion of consciousness, pharmacies and sports and fitness centres all over the world. All products of Auramed are built to meet the safety requirements of the EU and are CE certified. 

Dimensions also specialises in the use of crystals to amplify positive energy and repel that which is negative. It is believed that all varieties of crystals carry within them a store of energy unique to each stone. These energies are said to possess curative properties, which when channelled through healing vibrations to the body can restore proper energy flow. Throughout the centuries bracelets have been worn to utilise the energy within the crystals. Dimensions boasts a large collection of bracelets made up of a wide range of crystals, each stone containing a specific genre of energy capable of combating any form of ailment.

The staff at Dimensions is qualified to provide customers with necessary advice pertaining to the removal of various blockages and the most suitable manners by which to promote positivity and well being in life. 

Dimensions is situated at No. 555/2/b/2, Kaduwela Road, Thalangama North, Battaramulla.