Special presidential commissions

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Special presidential commissions Special presidential commissions were so common in the recent past! They were announced at the drop of a hat as the instant palliative for the enraged masses. The late great powers cottoned on early in the game that the quickest way to quieten the ever-gullible public, post-dastardly event, was to appoint a special presidential commission. That settled the initial outburst of rage and dispelled doubts of inaction. They were after all “special” commissions and not related to cash commissions! While sometimes viewed with suspicion by the less initiated, those who were worldly wiser were always amused in the knowledge that such commissions were a subterfuge to allow law enforcement to find all possible evidence and destroy it! Lest it found its way to the commission via other sources. Clever, huh? So simple and yet so effective; repeatedly! That be the precedent to presidential commissions for different reasons. How so? The lowly-inquiring officer needs only to establish whether the criminal under investigation would be more appreciative and bestow more benevolence in kind being so near at hand than a president remaining objectively distant. So how does one reward the investigators stomach in excess of a criminal offer? When does a counter bribe become a reward? Answers, anyone? Perhaps a compounding system used by the SEC on fraudulent share trading practices maybe a pragmatic approach. If everybody is investigating everybody else and each other there may not be enough left to populate parliament. So perhaps a special Memorandum of Understanding among all Parliamentarians, current and immediate past, enabling them to declare their illegitimate earnings; pay 50% as a compounded fine, and go back to the idiot public to be re-elected. If the State is in possession of information in excess of such declarations, it may prosecute only those who have defaulted on the last amnesty call. Clever, yes? Otherwise imagine a Parliament without Parliamentarians!? It would be like a zoo without animals. Just joking. T. E., Kotte   The National Government A 30-day ministerial portfolio with an objective of a vote to obtain a 66.6% majority in Parliament and an ultimate goal of an amendment to the Constitution of Sri Lanka – this is how I see the new National Government. Ranjit, Kalubowila   Degrading of Kirula Road, Colombo 5 As you would know, Kirula Road is a very important artery in the city transport system being a much used link road between Havelock Road and the Nawala, Nugegoda area. It is used by thousands of vehicles on a daily basis. Presently Kirula Road is a mixed commercial/residential zone. Apart from many residences it is also where the head offices of the Surveyor General’s Department, CTB and the Labour Ministry are situated. There are many important private sector institutions such as Asiri Hospital and the Media Complaints Institution on this road.   Just about a month or so before the presidential elections on 8 January to the horror of the residents, a Bar was opened on Kirula Road, somewhere near the Chitra Lane junction. It was the common talk that this Bar belonged to a powerful supporter of the Rajapaksa family and therefore no purpose will be served by complaining about it. About 100 metres from this bar, down Pathiba Lane, is the old standing primary school for mentally-handicapped children. Everyday hundreds of parents bring their children to this school. It is a sad but inspiring sight to see these parents bringing their unfortunate but lovable children to school, holding them by their hands. Just behind this primary school is the large Dudley Senanayake College which has about 5,000 students. Right in front of the Bar is Kirula Place, down which is an old Buddhist temple. There is another temple right next to the Dudley Senanayake College. In addition there are at least three kindergartens within a radius of 300 metres of the Bar.   Mahinda Rajapaksa was voted out in every Colombo electorate. But this Bar seems to have some invisible strength. I request the authorities to implement the 500 metre rule which was brought in by the President in respect of bars. Yours faithfully Ravi Perera