New celebration jewellery collection by Careems

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To coincide with the festive season, Careem Jewellers recently launched its new ‘Celebration’ jewellery collection.

This exclusive jewellery line is set with genuine gemstones such as Sapphires, Amethysts, Citrines and Topaz which are precision cut and supplied by Swarovski Gems.

The collection embodies a selection of gemstones rich of colour, shapes and cut. In keeping with Swarovski’s world renowned standards for precision cutting – every gemstone facet is aligned perfectly and each gem is cut with optimized proportions for maximum brilliance and fire.

Commenting on the new collection, Managing Director Shezard Careem stated: “We have combined Swarovski’s advanced capability to supply the most beautiful precision cut gemstones together with the fine design and jewellery manufacturing capabilities of Careems, resulting in a line of uniquely beautiful fashion forward jewellery. I would also like to highlight that while many people are familiar with Swarovski’s reputation for fine crystal it is a little known fact in Sri Lanka that Swarovski has been supplying precision cut genuine gemstones to leading jewellers around the world for over 45 years!”

In describing the design concept for the collection Manori Jayasinghe, the chief designer at Careems explains “Our new collection is a tribute to living life to the fullest! Accordingly the design themes were inspired by exciting celebrations from around the world. The sapphire and white gold jewellery in the collection celebrates the beauty of ‘Fireworks’ while the ‘Bling’ yellow gold jewellery set with large princess cut gemstones is a tribute to Hollywood glamour. The final part of the Celebration collection titled ‘Mardi Gras’ made in Sterling Silver and set with pastel shades of Swarovski Passion Topaz, celebrates the wonderful colours and excitement associated with the famous carnival season in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.”    

Careems states “The launch of the Celebration collection is not only a significant milestone in the history of Careems but we also view it as a stepping stone towards a long and bright partnership with world renowned luxury brand Swarovski. Incidentally, while Careem Jewellers was established in 1890 Swarovski was founded by Daniel Swarovski a mere five years later in 1895. While both companies enjoy a rich heritage, I am proud to say that over the years both our firms have also shown an immense passion and commitment to continuously provide our customers with the very best product offerings.”

The entire ‘Celebration’ collection can be viewed on the company’s website