‘Real Housewives of Colombo’ at the Wendt

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Indu Dharmasena’s new hilarious comedy is scheduled to be staged at the Lionel Wendt Theatre on 22, 23, and 24 July 2011 at 7:30 p.m.

The show on the 22 July is presented by Friends of Prisoners’ Children to raise money to sponsor the education of prisoners’ children, while the show on the 23 July is presented by the Sri Lanka Air Force Seva Vanitha Unit in aid of their charitable projects.

The play revolves around four friends who met at a Zumba class. Deepika gave up a promising singing career to marry her childhood sweetheart. Manisha opted to be a loving wife and mother instead of becoming a ruthless and successful lawyer. Ronda, who is in her third marriage, enjoys life to the fullest. She knows what she wants and gets it as well. Priyanka on the other hand is a Jane of all trades, but master of none. Having considered becoming a doctor, interior decorator and even a banker, she ended up working for an advertising company where she met her husband.

From the minute they met they bonded as they had so much in common. From workaholic husbands who hardly had any time for them to kids who were growing up and didn’t need their mothers fussing over them to the necessary evil, domestics that play havoc and literally drive everyone round the bend. They are the real housewives of Colombo!

Now they practically go everywhere together! If they are not doing breakfast or lunch, at least they meet up for coffee. They have even gone for a couple of spa weekends together. They have become so close that now if one has a problem, it becomes their problem. You could say four heads are better than one when it comes to tackling a problem. Or is it?

Will a weekend at the Heavenly Spa Sanctuary reveal the truth? Is Deepika’s husband Suranjith having an extramarital affair? Is Priyanka’s husband, Ravi, the perfect husband that she thought he was? Don’t miss ‘Real Housewives of Colombo,’ when all will be exposed!The four housewives are played by Koluu, Krys Sosa, Sanwada Dharmasena and Sanjana Selvarajah. Deepika’s architect husband is played by Abbasali Rozais. The talented interior decorator Chanchala is brought to life by Ruwendi Wakwella. Gehan Cooray gives yet another memorable performance as Danny Silva, the Heavenly Spa’s Resident Manager, while Indu plays Priyanka’s husband, Ravi.

Cast in order of appearance:

Priyanka: Sanwada Dharmasena

Deepika: Krys Sosa

Manisha: Sanjana Selvarajah

Ronda: Koluu

Suranjith: Abbasali Rozais

Chanchala: Ruwendi Wakwella

Ravi: Indu Dharmasena

Danny Silva: Gehan Cooray

Tickets are priced at Rs. 1,500, Rs. 1,000, Rs. 750 and Balcony Rs. 500 (unreserved). Tickets are available at the Wendt.

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