Smartphone giant E-tel ventures into enterprise solutions in Sri Lanka

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Brantel, the company that built ‘E-tel’ into the second highest-selling smartphone brand in Sri Lanka, has ventured into the next level of IT solutions with the launch of an enterprise solutions range under the same brand. Comprising of E-tel enterprise servers, front-end thin clients and mini PC terminals, the new product range represents a significant diversification for the company as it seeks to support the shift by many businesses into broadband networking and cloud-enabled Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).                     Used in combination, the new E-tel E350 server, E-teliPC i3 or i5 mini PCs and E-teleclient Wi-Fi-enabled thin clients introduced to Sri Lanka by Brantel can reduce capital and operating expenditure of conventional server-based PC hosting by up to 50% through savings on hardware, software licensing and energy consumption, the company said. As is the case with the E-tel smartphone range, the enterprise servers, thin clients (personal computers without hard disks) and mini PCs (computers with next-generation SSD drives), are designed in Hong Kong and manufactured at production facilities that turnout globally-renowned PC and server brands.   Driving the company’s venture into enterprise solutions is Dr. Tariq Marikar, former Chief Information Officer of Suntel and Senior General Manager at Dialog who has joined the company as Director of its enterprise solutions business. Commenting on the company’s venture into this sphere, Dr. Marikar said: “E-tel has a rich customer base and island-wide servicing history in the affordable smartphone space already with reputed models such as the i7c and Sri Lanka’s first octa-core smartphone. Working across the board on mobiles, tablets, zero clients, thin clients and its data centre server range, E-tel is committed to the next level of industry solutions and business integration now expected by customers in the Retail, SME and Corporate segments of Sri Lanka.”   E-tel enterprise server thin clients can deliver an 80-90% reduction in energy usage, and are highly secure with two factor authentication. They connect to virtual desktops which are spaces reserved on the server for each thin client. These virtual desktops can be kept on 24 hours, 365 days of the year, and do not require UPS back-up for the front end terminals as they are not affected by power being switched off. The thin client user login/logout speed is much faster than that of a desktop PC. The new business unit of Brantel also has a strong systems and application support team well versed in the delivery and support of cloud based automation on a full turnkey basis. The tight integration of application and hardware delivery enables full focus on the customer’s automation requirement.   The company’s software business logic is productised around E-Distribution, its core distribution/franchising platform, and E-Workflow, its core cloud based workflow and office desk supervisory platform. The company maintains a ‘live’ customer deployment at its Head Office of both E-Distribution and E-Workflow. Through its tightly coupled suite of well priced and serviced hardware and cloud based software, E-tel delivers unprecedented lead time improvements, efficiencies, and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) on every project, Dr. Marikar said. “Taking a customer’s business to the next level requires continuous focus on products, customer satisfaction and service quality on a national scale,” he said. “We are committed to help every customer achieve those value-adds in channels, frontlines, operations and online supervisory data and reports with real online business performance numbers. Our solutions and turnkey automation projects seamlessly stitch together the customer’s data, business transactions and views all the way from android smartphone based applications on our i7c phones right up to the company business logic, databases and functions stored in our high end E-tel Data Centre range of servers.”   E-tel became the second highest-selling smartphone brand in Sri Lanka in the third quarter of 2014, while retaining its position as third biggest player overall in the mobile phone market. This made E-tel the only brand present in the top three of both the Feature phone and Smartphone segments in the local market. Brantel has been in operation in Sri Lanka since 2004 and launched the E-tel brand in 2008.