SL’s untapped smartphone market presents unique opportunity: Intex Marketing Director

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Recent market reports indicate that 20% of Sri Lanka’s population use smart devices with great optimism towards the entry of low-cost smartphones. Intex Technologies, one of India’s leading home grown mobile and consumer electronic brands is keen to make inroads in to Sri Lanka’s smartphone market through the introduction of its distinct and diverse portfolio with the promise of offering consumers cutting edge innovation at an unbelievable price. Intex Technologies (India) Ltd Director Marketing Keshav Bansal during a recent visit to the island, elaborated on the company’s business and its positioning plans for Sri Lanka. With a rich history of nearly two decades, Intex Technologies has grown from an IT peripheral company to a recognised market leader in their respective categories. “We saw a great opportunity in the smartphone mobile segment, mobile space,” Bansal noted on their foray into the mobile place six years ago. Since then, he added, “As per the latest IDC report, a research organisation in India, in their survey reported we are the No. 3 smartphone brand in India.” This success story is due to many factors as explained by Bansal, “Intex as a brand has always been known for its ethical practices, its transparent policies, very employer friendly organisation. We believe in very ethical relations with all our partners, for that same reason we have developed goodwill in the market and because of which everyone looks forward to working with Intex and to get associated with Intex.” As the son of the company’s founder Narendra Bansal, Bansal Junior impressed upon their brand promise in keeping the consumers requirements central of all innovation. “There are many brands which promise something and deliver something else, may it be products, may it be working commitments, they offer and promise something big to the consumers but when you actually go down to the product, it’s actually not true. We have been very sure from Day One that whatever we promise we deliver,” he stated. He also firmly believes that while the Sri Lanka consumer already accepts Intex as a premier brand, an exponential growth in low-cost smartphones sales is in the offing. “Sri Lanka I feel is going to grow at a very fast pace in the next six-eight months when compared to other countries growth rate, Bansal noted. Through Intex’s strategic partnership with Singer, Bansal firmly believes that their footprint in the country is on a growth trajectory, “We know; what are the requirements of the Sri Lankan people, we know what technology is coming in, we have the first advantage to develop and design products accordingly, this gives us a competitive edge over others.” With dreams of reaching stardom as an actor, Bansal soon changed his life course on the advice of his father. “My father, is my role model, he is such as great influencer, that he made a big impact on my mind and because of which I got into Intex, it was much more simpler to take a brand which is already established to the next level,” he said. He is conscious and thankful of the existing infrastructure which made his role as Director Marketing an easier mantle, “Building it from scratch at that level is quite difficult. But when you have got a fantastic team, policies, procedures and everything in place, it becomes much more convenient to take it to the next level.” Bansal is firm in the company’s vision and future goals especially for the Sri Lankan market and said, “The vision is definitely to become leaders in our respective categories and make the maximum of what we have today. We have an identity in our self, we got our own strengths, we have got a strong team which understands the Sri Lankan market to develop communication accordingly with their needs.”