Singer introduces all new modern Windows 8 devices to Sri Lanka

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Singer Sri Lanka, a key player in the local PC market and a well-known name in household appliances, has taken the lead in introducing a series of touch enabled Windows 8 all in one (AIO) devices to Sri Lanka.  

On the heels of the Windows 8 launch, Singer Sri Lanka PLC, a named account partner of Microsoft, unveiled four Windows 8 enabled devices, becoming the first to make Windows 8 enabled devices commercially available to Sri Lankan consumers as well as small and medium businesses (SMBs) across the country.

With this novel move, Sri Lankan consumers will be able to purchase the brand new Windows 8 enabled devices locally and share the unique and exciting experience of Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system which is creating waves across the world, post its global launch last month.

The four state-of-the-art devices, SINX 243 AT, SINX-W540, SIN-AH61 and SIN-ADTK21.5, which come under Singer’s flagship PC brand Singer X Series, received some great feedback from consumers when they were launched at the Singer Lifestyle Fair held at the BMICH in Colombo last week.  

During the event, Poojitha Rajapakse, Director OEM of Microsoft Sri Lanka, conducted a demonstration on the cool features of Windows 8 that delivers an all new computing experience. The focus of the demonstration was how Windows 8 brings the PC to life by giving instant access to things that matter the most to each user providing a seamless experience for a connected lifestyle.

“It is a prestige for Singer to have the ‘Named Account’ status from Microsoft – a global industry giant. The launch of Windows 8 provided a new Window of opportunity for us. As one of the direct Named OEM partners of Microsoft, we maintain a healthy partnership with Microsoft and new products launched by the company, inevitably become value additions for us.

“Named account status is given to specially identified PC brands worldwide, based on their commitment to Microsoft and strategic importance. Microsoft has appointed approximately 35 named accounts in Asia Pacific and Singer is one of the brands in Sri Lanka. We got to know about Windows 8 almost a year ago when Microsoft was preparing the ground for it.

“From that point onwards, we have been looking forward to embrace this opportunity. We firmly believe that our consumer base will be thrilled to experience our new products. It is a great advantage for us to be the first company to commercially introduce Window 8 enabled devices to the Sri Lankan market,” Nasser Majeed, Marketing Director of Singer Sri Lanka said.

He also noted that the dynamics of the PC market is changing rapidly and Singer too, therefore, has repositioned itself to meet the demands of the market. Singer X Series, their flagship PC brand has gained popularity across wider consumer segments and is winning customer’s hearts and minds as a reliable PC brand that is on par with any multinational PC.

Backed by the trusted service delivery and reliability of Singer Sri Lanka, the X Series PCs are fast becoming the computer of choice for both individuals as well as corporate users.  

“With the advancement of technology, clients have migrated from traditional PCs to notebooks. We, as manufacturers, should accept this reality. At the same time, ‘All in One’ devices are also popular in the modern market. ‘All in One’ devices, which consolidate the parts of a desktop computer into one machine, meet the requirements of consumers who want to have the ‘traditional’ computer experience.

“Two of the four Windows 8 enabled devices are notebooks, which would appeal to modern consumers. Two devices come out as ‘All in One’ machines that would meet the requirements of the home users.  All the segments of our clientele – which include personal users, gaming community and corporate community will be benefitted by this,” he added.

Poojitha Rajapakse, Director OEM of Microsoft Sri Lanka, said that the unveiling of four Windows 8 enabled devices by Singer goes hand in hand with the objectives of Microsoft. “The whole idea behind Windows 8 is that it doesn’t compel anyone to compromise his or her ‘computer-experience.’

“It enables our users to shift from a very corporate environment to a personal environment and vice versa, without changing the interface. It incorporates everything into one common platform. Therefore Windows 8 provides a unique no comprise PC experience to everyone,” he explained.

Elaborating on the partnership between Microsoft and Singer, Vajira Tennakoon, Marketing Manager – Digital Media of Singer Sri Lanka added that Microsoft sets the base and roots for the hardware industry.

“Microsoft guides us as to where to go and what to do. We align our business operations in accordance with their products and activities. We look forward to maintain this partnership in the future as well. At the same time, we already have plans to penetrate more into the corporate market. We have the capacity and wherewithal to accomplish that mission. We believe the strong partnership with Microsoft will also assist us in achieving that.”

While extending his gratitude to Microsoft for maintaining a solid partnership, he reiterated that as one of the foremost corporate citizens in the industry, Singer is committed towards promoting genuine software and avert piracy.

“Our commitment to uphold values and fair play has been acclaimed widely and as a responsible corporate citizen we promote the use of genuine software – a course to which Microsoft is also committed. It strengthens our bond with Microsoft to a great extent” he said.