OPTIMO software solutions empower Meydan Grand Stand & Race Course

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With a strong pedigree of delivering solutions specific to the niche Event, Venue and Global Sponsorship industries around the world and with a proven track record of excellence in delivery and results, OPTIMO software is making waves across the world.

Delivering a solution that guarantees efficiencies that ensure events, venues and global sponsors maximise returns on investment and optimise efficiency and revenue, the OPTIMO solution makes it possible for businesses to deliver incredible customer experiences.

Speaking on the roots of OPTIMO, Deen Ossman, Chief Solutions Officer for OPTIMO software said “Our greatest strength is that OPTIMO delivers an end to end enterprise solution coupled with 360° customer care and attention to detail. The OPTIMO team has been instrumental in delivering solutions for clients the magnitude of the FIFA World Cup, Silverstone, and British Grand Prix; delivering quality and results that have surpassed each client’s expectations”.

By signing on Meydan, OPTIMO took on the incredible task of delivering a solution that would deliver an end to end business optimisation solution to ensure the achievement of maximum potential of each Meydan profit centre. Facilities ranging from all the 100,000 seats in the nine storey Meydan grandstand, reservations and back end operations for all on site restaurants, as well as the occupancy and reservation system for all 74 luxury suites overlooking the track and more.

In addition to delivering the necessary capabilities to manage almost all of the Meydan facilities, the OPTIMO solution also made it possible for Meydan to excel at hosting the annual Dubai World Cup – the richest sporting event in the world with a total value of over US$62.25 million.

Speaking on the scope of OPTIMO Wassim Hamwi, Chief Information Officer of Meydan said “We chose OPTIMO because we required a state-of-the-art specialist enterprise solution with built in specialist processes and scale required to reliably control and manage the operations of not just the world’s richest sporting event but also of the new world class grandstand with a capacity of 100,000 plus guests, the bubble lounge with its capacity for 4,500, the closed car park for 10,000 cars, 74 private hospitality suites, the Meydan Hotel with 200 plus rooms, a marina, museum and an IMAX cinema – and OPTIMO proved itself far beyond our expectations”.

Based in the UK with 10 plus years presence in Colombo, the OPTIMO software  Sri Lankan team has long since proven that delivering solutions of international caliber while maintaining attention to detail, excellence in client service and stringent standards is well within the scope of the team. Having come up against competition from all over the world and having been chosen to represent clients with millions of dollars worth of assets and capacity – the role OPTIMO plays in the day to day solutions delivery of each client ensures that each aspect of each clients operations runs at maximum efficiency and delivers results generic software can only dream of.

With the role of sport growing from one event to the next, the importance of guaranteeing a better experience for each customer at each consecutive event cannot be ignored. The importance of industry specific niche software like OPTIMO that delivers results and is created specifically for Events, Venues and Global Sponsors cannot be ignored. The value of each guests experience and the ability to ensure that each venue is utilised at optimum efficiency is a return on investment that speaks for itself – a return guaranteed with OPTIMO business optimisation software.

The OPTIMO team has over 10 years experience delivering cutting-edge, end-to-end enterprise software solutions for world class Events, Venues and Global Sponsors. OPTIMO is built on specialist business applications to optimise budgets, CRM, sales order processing, approval flows, ticket inventory management, restaurant covers, suites, onsite services, F&B, merchandise, transport, accommodation and security — with the sole aim of maximising profits and providing a fantastic customer experience.

Meydan Grandstand and Racecourse, host the richest horse race in the world – the Dubai World Cup. Spanning a length of 1.6km and able to accommodate over 60,000 racegoers, the Meydan Grandstand boasts a variety of facilities ranging from The Meydan, the world’s first five-star trackside hotel, the Meydan Museum and Gallery, an IMAX theatre to the luxurious Grandstand Corporate Suites for corporate and private entertainment, making it an ideal venue not only for enjoying the races, but also a unique location for hosting corporate activities such as meetings, incentive trips, conferences and exhibitions.