Nokia launches C3 for South Asia

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By Cassandra Mascarenhas in Bangladesh

Nokia Emerging Asia Limited released the latest in the communication giant’s portfolio in Bangladesh yesterday – the Nokia C3, the latest model in its C series.

Already in use in other regions in Asia, the phone has proved to be phenomenally popular amongst the youth, the market Nokia is looking to target with the release of this model, with high sales noted especially in Indonesia and Vietnam where the phones were sold out within two hours of its release.

Nokia Emerging Asia’s Head of Marketing Sajid Matin (left) introducing the Nokia C3 with Bangladeshi Cricketer Tamim and Actress Shokh.

“Our messaging device range is very successful. People want the best messaging and social network experiences on an affordable device. Whether its chatting using conversational SMS, sending an email or catching up with friends on social networks, the Nokia C3 is perfect for keeping up to date while out and about,” said General Manager of Nokia Emerging Asia Prem Chand. Essentially a smartphone on a budget, the phone aims to make the most of every moment through social messaging and networking – a vital part of those connected to the internet.

Modelled after the popular E-series range of smartphones which has been quite popular amongst the corporate clientele, the C3 comes with a QWERTY keyboard, two megapixel camera, rich colour 2.4 inch screen, WiFi connectivity and other standard essentials.

It allows the user to sign onto up to 10 e-mail accounts simultaneously, to view, post, comment, share locations and even update their status on social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Twitter straight from their homescreen.

The phone’s main selling point its affordability which allows even students on a tight budget to purchase it. Websites also do not need to be downloaded, which brings down data costs even further.

Taking into account the many issues of privacy that have risen recently, Nokia also allows users to download a remote lock from their internet services named Ovi, which once activated lets the user lockdown the phone via a text message in case the phone is misplaced or stolen, rendering it useless.

It also comes with the standard auto lock; if an incorrect password is entered five times in succession, the phone automatically deletes all usable information and contacts on it, ensuring maximum privacy of sensitive information.

The C3’s launch in Bangladesh was preceded by a build-up of publicity over several weeks which culminated in a pre-release gala event graced by Bangladeshi celebrities where the audience was allowed to interact with the celebrities via a series of competitions that were held and several lucky winners were presented with the C3 as prizes.

The Manager of Operative Product Marketing of Nokia Emerging Asia Aminul Islam dismissed the issue of close competition stating that Nokia’s market share in the market is quite comfortable at the moment.

“China and India are catching up to a certain extent; the problem with their products is that they don’t deliver what they promise. Indian phone model Micromax for example has done well but again even though it caters to the Indian market it really is not a very big market comparatively. Samsung I would say is coming up as well as certain Chinese models; Motorola on the other hand is not so active now,” he commented.

Already available in many countries in Asia including India, the C3 will be released in Sri Lanka in November at a retail price of approximately Rs. 19,500.