NASSCOM EMERGEOUT Conclave an inspiration for Sri Lankan startup companies: ICTA-led delegation

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The ICT Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA)-led delegation says that the National Association of Software and Services Companies, (NASSCOM) EMERGEOUT Conclave held in Chennai recently was a great inspiration.

ICTA led the delegation of companies to the NASSCOM EMERGEOUT Conclave under its Spiralation Programme.

Outlining the Spiralation Programme a senior ICTA officer said that it aimed at supporting technology start-ups. It targets business enterprises either new or in early stages of development and encourages entrepreneurs island-wide to launch businesses that translate their ideas into new technology products and/or services.

A two-pronged characteristic that the potential entrepreneurs in this programme are recommended to ensure in their products/services is that they address market gaps and assist new ICT related innovations.

Launched in July 2010, the programme has approximately 23 partner organisations which form the ‘partner ecosystem’. These include international technology providers, prestigious higher education institutions and industry (both ICT and other), professional bodies and industry chambers. Twelve companies have been selected for the programme and have begun their journey in launching their product companies.

Introducing the NASSCOM EMERGEOUT Conclave, held at Chennai Hilton, a senior ICTA spokesperson says that NASSCOM was the premier trade body and the chamber of commerce of the IT-BPO industries in India.

The NASSCOM EMERGEOUT Conclave is the launch pad for Indian start-up companies to collaborate and share thought-provoking ideas on the next generation IT innovations. The platform also connected business leaders, IT heads, CXOs, thought leaders, best practice champions and innovators.

Referring to the content of the conclave, ICTA sources say that former Indian Cricket Team captain and current selection committee chairman and CEO Krishnamachari Srikkanth delivered the keynote address at the conclave. is an innovative e-learning platform.

The conclave was enriched by six track sessions, a product showcase and an inspiring session by NASSCOM Founder and past Chairman K. V. Ramani, who highlighted the importance of having a vision as entrepreneurs and pursuing their goals.

“While providing insight and exposure, EMERGEOUT also provided a platform to network with people and build business relationships towards driving growth and highly profitable businesses. Through all the track sessions the participants gained an in-depth knowledge on going to market with a budget, understanding the IT buying processes from a CIO perspective and how to do an express pitch which was demonstrated by eight companies,” a senior ICTA officer said.

Expressing how valuable the conclave was, several participants were eloquent in their appreciation:

“Exposure at the EMERGEOUT Conclave broadened the thinking pattern. It made us understand the IT start-up industry of our next door neighbour. The contacts that we developed at the event will play a great role when it comes to taking our product to regional level,” Founder and CEO Fathhi Mohamed said.

“NASSCOM EMERGEOUT Conclave was an inspiring event for learning and envisioning future ICT advancement in Sri Lanka and the world at large,” Sky Management Systems Pvt. Ltd. Director Pradeep Ginige commented.

“NASSCOM was an eye opener. There are several small companies which cater to a niche, which are more profitable than traditional software companies,” Loops Solutions CEO Shehan Selvanayagam revealed.

“High risk, high rewards, all for the emerging entrepreneur who goes flat out. NASSCOM showed us how start-up Indians emerged successfully through fruitful partnerships, sustainably cultured,” said Maadya Digital Pvt. Ltd. Shevan de Simon CEO, pointing out yet another value of the conclave.

“NASSOM EMERGOUT provided insights in to the Indian entrepreneurial culture which has been fuelling the Indian IT-BPO industry. There is also an emerging breed of ‘serial entrepreneurs’ who have been creating many globally successful product companies. This is a trend worth being adopted by Sri Lankan technopreneurs,” ICTA Project Coordinator Chalinda Abeykoon said, referring to an important area for emulation and grabs by Sri Lankan entrepreneurs.

ICTA led the delegation under its Spiralation programme in keeping with its programme objective of exposing relevant Sri Lankan companies to innovations and development taking place in the region.

During the coming weeks, these companies are scheduled to take part in workshops which will cover the essential IPR matters – how to carry out competitive analysis within their product domain, brand communication, etc.

More information related to the Spiralation intuitive can be found on the official Facebook page ( By following the page, interested individuals can also be updated on future activities as well as on how they can apply for future rounds.