Mackwoods Energy powers telecom sector

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Critical  uninterrupted  power  in  the  Telecommunications Sector  is  a  hallmark  of   a  committed  network  operator providing  the  best  to  its  customers. Sri Lanka has a well established telecommunications infrastructure, compared to most other countries in the South Asian region.

However, in terms of geographical network coverage, there exists much scope to expand networks into rural areas and particularly the newly liberated north and east regions. Further, island wide network coverage has become a critical success factor for Sri Lankan telecommunications service providers. Therefore, the operators who do not have adequate coverage are now expanding their transmission networks in order to cater to the demand of the consumers and remain competitive amongst their peers. Mackwoods  Energy  is currently a  leading provider of power solutions to  the telecommunications sector and is positioned to play a dominant role in this sector due to its high reputation for process management,  quality ,reliability , and  24  hour  island wide  service network.

Mackwoods  Energy  as  a  key  infrastructure outsource  partner  of  Airtel  was  instrumental  in  its  rollout  launch  in  2008  and  played  a  critical  role  in  powering   153   towers  within   45  days  and   continued  to  be  involved  in  its  expansion  activities numbering  588  towers.  Mackwoods  Energy  has  also  successfully  introduced  its  power  solutions  to  Dialog Axiata Plc and  is currently  instrumental  in providing  solutions  for  its  expansions   and  roll outs  in  the  north  and  eastern  provinces  in  Sri  Lanka.   Mackwoods  power  solutions  will  mean  low  capex  and  opex  costs  for  telecom  network  operators  and  less  downtime  leading  to  telecom  operators  being  able  to  effectively  compete in  the  market  place  and  improve  their  own  efficiencies, and  invest  further  in  expansions. Mackwoods  Energy  also  has  commenced  providing  solutions  to  other  telecommunications  operators  such Huawei, Hutch, Suntel  and  Sri Lanka  telecom,    whilst  also providing solutions  to  Dhiraagu  Telecommunications  Maldives.

Mackwoods  Energy, as  a  power  solutions provider  has  undertaken  many  assignments  with  a  firm  commitment  to  reach excellence  in  all  spheres  of  activity  such  as Power  Generator and Diesel  engine  supply and  providing  solutions  for  electrical  engineering, telecommunications  engineering, marine  engineering including  installation and commissioning. Its reputation has been built on successful completion  of key projects in a number of industries – plantationn, telecommunications, leisure and travel, education, defence , condominium and construction, are critical to the Sri Lankan economy’s steady post-war recovery. The company  today  has  emerged  as  a  leading  supplier  of  power  solutions  to  industry  by  offering  a  24  hour  service  through  out  the  year  Island wide and  has   over  4050  installations . Its  pursuance of  high  standards  of  process  quality  is  reflected  in its  successful  completion  of  many  projects  in  Sri  Lanka  and  Overseas   , and  is  in  receipt  of  the  prestigious  ISO  9001:2008  and  ISO  14001:2004 by  SGS  UK.

Mackwoods Energy’s is a member of the Mackwoods  Group .Established  in  1841 , Mackwoods has  the  distinction  of  being  the  second  oldest  Mercantile  Company  in  Sri  Lanka  and  is  a  conglomerate  of  several  companies  engaged  in  plantations, agri business, information technology, healthcare, industry, manufacturing, hotels, tourism, stock  broking, financial  services, real  estate, and ICT. With  over  170  years   of  experience  in  business, Mackwoods   is  synonymous  with  integrity, stability  and  diversity  both  locally  and  internationally . Mackwoods  Energy’s  recent  IPO for  Rs.  350 million was  fully  subscribed  granting  an  opportunity to the  public  to  participate  in  empowering  the  Nation.