GIT Park: Gateway for Lankan IT firms to Japan

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For the first time in Japan, Global IT Park (GIT Park) is providing a unique platform for Japanese companies to work side by side with foreign companies under Government subsidy system, making it a great opportunity for Sri Lankan IT companies to explore opportunities there.

The platform provides an ideal entry strategy for Sri Lankan IT firms to set up their subsidiary company in Japan and jointly work with Japanese companies to co-create next generation breakthrough IT solutions. 

“Sri Lanka is all set to showcase the IT talent in an IT promotional event scheduled in Minami Uonuma City, Japan in June,” GIT Park MU CEO Kaushal Wawlagala said at a networking session titled ‘Business Opportunities and Entry Strategy to Japanese IT Market’ held recently in Colombo.

The project is initiated by Minami Uonuma City, International University of Japan and Adam-i to promote foreign IT companies to work side by side with Japanese IT companies.

Noting that South Asian IT companies have not penetrated much into Japanese market he said they see a unique opportunity for Sri Lankan and Indian IT companies to enter into Japanese market as a technology partner than an outsourcing destination.

Parliamentarian Prof. Ashu Marasinghe said ICT has become the core of innovation in every industry and the impact is being felt across all sectors and countries. Hence, participating in this event is going to benefit many Sri Lankan IT companies as it promise of ample business opportunities to Sri Lankan firms. 

“Through initiatives of this nature, Sri Lankan IT companies will be able to make an entrance to the Japanese market. The Global IT Park – Minami Uonuma will become the gateway for our IT companies to build business collaborations with Japanese SMEs,” he pointed out.

Some Sri Lankan companies have already ventured and are serving some of the largest companies in Europe and North America. They are catering to some of the critical applications in financial technology, IT enabled services, business process management and so forth. 

“Unfortunately, not many Japanese companies are aware of Sri Lankan talents. Thus, GIT Park intends to select few companies from Sri Lanka for their pilot project and support them to get the business opportunities in Japan,” Wawlagala added.  

GIT Park will be the first IT hub in Japan mainly targeting foreign firms.

He said unlike other IT parks in the world, GIT Park stands to retain foreign IT Companies who have selected by the committee to place its subsidiary company in Japan. Thereby, those companies invest their time and money would have tangible rewards and business opportunities in Japan.  

At present China and Vietnam are the biggest IT outsourcing destinations for Japanese companies.

Adam-i Consulting is assisting Japanese companies to globalise and to get in to emerging markets and they expect to have more Sri Lankan IT companies to participate in this IT promotional event, with a promise of offering attractive rental, tax incentives and business development support. 

- Pix by Daminda Harsha