EZY unveils world’s slimmest computer at very slim price

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Emerging computer manufacturer EZY, which created ripples in the computer industry a year ago by revolutionising the general perception of your everyday PC with the launch of EZY Slimtop – a computer that was half the size of a traditional computer at a very affordable price – introduced the world’s slimmest computer, the 1 inch EZY SlimTop Smart, to a distinguished gathering on Wednesday.

EZY, which has grown to be a household name in computers within a short span of 15 months since it first introduced its lifestyle computers and laptops at affordable prices, redefined slim by showcasing what its idea of slim is: a 1 inch wide, 580 gram, 6.7 inches high computer which could fit into any pocket or handbag.

All about excitement

“Computers are no longer a luxury; in fact it is now a necessity. Therefore it is important that we encourage people to evolve with current technology and design. This will only happen if computers keep providing excitement for the user. Excitement is the very word EZY computers revolve around. It is only if we drive this value as a manufacturer that people would look forward to buying new computers,” said Group Chief Executive EZY Holdings Shafraz Hamzadeen, speaking at the launch.

“It is only then that the refreshment rate in the computer industry will increase and that is when people would start to have multiple computers in their homes and that the general consumer will feel the need to evolve with modern developments in their computers. This is precisely why EZY Computers constantly keep introducing revolutionary products that cater to a variety of users, both domestic as well as corporate.”

According to Hamzadeen, in 2009, they realised there was a vacuum for a locally-manufactured computer of superior quality and this was when they set up Sri Lanka’s first-ever computer manufacturing facility.

“With that we introduced the then slim in price, slim in size EZY Slimtop, which was easily half the size of a traditional computer. This was a revolution back then and we were quite overwhelmed with the response we received, which undeniably has contributed towards the success of this product as well. The unique design we launched back then, the exciting colours we offered our customers, the amazingly affordable price and the unique packaging were undoubtedly the reasons why the EZY SlimTop today dominates the market in the Atom based computer segment.

Breaking away from tradition

“We have sold more than 15,000 computers within a year locally. That is more than 20% of the branded computer market share in Sri Lanka. What it also reflects is that no other branded computer has done volumes as great as the EZY SlimTop in the market segment it represents. It is this success that inspired our team to think beyond the ordinary. This is what prompted our team to instigate newer thinking patterns. We wanted to provide our customers a computer that does not resemble the traditional computer; not even closely, and that’s precisely what we have done today.”

Hamzadeen was quick to stress the fact that the computer they just launched could not be compared with any ordinary computer out there in the market. “Ever since we launched the SlimTop, many others have tried their best to launch similar designs; however, with the introduction of the smartest computer on the planet, we assure you that it would most definitely be a long time before you will see anything even close to this in the market.”

The SlimTop Smart is smart in size, not being even 2% the size of a traditional computer. It is so small, that it makes other small objects such as books and DVD covers look big in comparison.

World class product at an affordable price

When EZY was first launched, an assurance was given to provide Sri Lankans with a world class computer at an affordable price. “Affordability can be perceived in many ways and most relate it purely to the cost of purchase. For us it means much more. For us it means that it should not only be affordable at the time of purchase, but more affordable when being used. To be more precise, it shouldn’t tax our users with heavy electricity bills. This is why we have designed the SlimTop Smart to provide our customers with an unbelievable 88% saving on their electricity bills as opposed to any other ordinary computer. What’s more it comes to you at an amazingly affordable Rs. 29,900 with a wireless keyboard as well as a wireless mouse. Now you understand how seriously we take the word affordable.”

Hamzadeen further went on to say that their designers were determined to ‘reignite’ the boring computer. “In fact they went one step ahead and were able to come up with a design that was totally unique and outstanding as a concept. This is not only the smallest computer ever, but it also the quietest computer that you would ever come across.”

The SlimTop Smart, which is just 580 grams in weight, is not only ultra portable but also bears the tag of being the lightest computer on the planet. “It is not just another small gadget or a ‘wannabe’ computer; this is a fully fledged computer that has all the features that any ordinary computer would have,” stressed Hamzadeen.

Product features

The SlimTop Smart has a 1.6Ghz Intel Atom Processor, 1GB memory which can be upgraded up to 2GB, 250GB hard disk expandable up to 640GB, Integrated graphics, 6 USB Slots and every other feature of a computer. It even provides one additional feature that an ordinary computer could never offer; namely a HDMI slot which allows the direct plugging into a television. “This is why we call it SlimTop Smart,” quipped Hamzadeen

“At a time where every small gadget has some feature of a computer embedded in it, the computer has started losing its stature and glamour. I am confident that the Slimtop Smart would without doubt bring back to the PC its respect as well as its glamour.”

Commenting further on the product’s features, Hamzadeen said that over and above the beauty and visual impact of the SlimTop Smart, what really separates it from the rest is its ability to directly get plugged onto a LCD television through its HDMI port.

“This makes the SlimTop Smart act as your computer and your movie box, because you will be able to download movies and play them on your television with minimum effort. It also provides yet another amazing feature, that of being able to mount it on the back of your standard LCD monitor, thus providing you increased desk space; and it is this that makes the SlimTop Smart much more than a computer; it is in fact a small wonder.”

Good things come in small packages

Hamzadeen also pointed out that even the packaging of the SlimTop Smart was totally unique for a computer. “It is said that good things comes in small packages, we believe that the SlimTop Smart is the best thing that happened to the computer in recent times. It resembles a ‘Smart Pack’ and is designed as a gift box, providing ultimate convenience in display and transportation, whilst positioning it as the ideal gift you could give your family and friends for the upcoming festive season.”

EZY will reveal the smallest computer to Sri Lankans and their potential customers at Sri Lanka’s largest IT exhibition, Infotel which takes place from the 1 to 4 October at the BMICH. “We invite all of you to visit our stall and experience what this amazing product has to offer!”

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