Erosion of privacy

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On the matter of the erosion of privacy, a contentious issue in the West, Angelo says he does not think people will fight too hard when they realise the pros of Safetica. “I don’t think one can duck this issue. I work for a school where there are very stringent policies about what we can share and what networks we can use. But we are not totally against it because we realise the reasons for this; because there is children’s privacy we must maintain at all costs. On the other hand I manage a computer and technology lab and in fact could get software which would help me to see what any kid is doing at any given time, so I don’t have to walk around the room checking their screens. Now, I don’t like it but I also need it! You see the problem here is that I am the kind of person who advocates for more access, and I also want it within certain parameters. It will come and I don’t think people are going to fight that hard when they see there is a good side to it.” In response, Povel says for every market they enter, they have a set of lawyers who study the regularity compliances of the country to ensure that the entire documentation on how to use Safetica complies with their privacy laws. This is a must for all Safetica partners, as the company does not wish to implement anything that is against some government act. He says this is not about being a big brother, but it is about balanced monitoring.