EPSI Introduces New ASUS Z77 TUF Series Motherboard in Sri Lanka

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EPSI Computers, sole authorised distributors for ASUS has introduced a new addition to their acclaimed TUF series of motherboards, the SABERTOOTH Z77, based on the latest Intel® 3rd Generation Ivy Bridge processors and Z77 Chipset. The TUF Series’ commitment to provide users a stable computing experience is built on strong foundations, starting with military-grade components to ensure long-lasting quality and reliability. EPSI Computers Group Product Manager Sankha Jayaratne stated that the latest iteration features a series of innovative thermal solutions, including a new Thermal Armour design with enhanced cooling of the VRM area and a unique convection whole design, while an upgraded Thermal Radar with a new function called Fan Overtime protects vital system components against overheating after PC shut down. Jayaratne further stated that another design beneficial for the longevity of the motherboard is Dust Defender, which prevents dust accumulation and the interference that could affect the many contact points scattered throughout the motherboard.

Forged with the military spirit in mind, the new Thermal Armour design with dual turbo fans keeps the SABERTOOTH Z77 motherboard running cool, quiet and most importantly, stable. A specially designed area of Thermal Armour safeguards sensitive VRM components by directing hot air away from them and the motherboard by means of a smart shunt funnelling design. Specialised heat pipes effectively expedite thermal removal helping to ensure that temperatures stay low, while a dedicated I/O cover fan draws additional cold air in and expels even more heat for improved stability, leading to a longer board lifespan. The newest feature of the Thermal Armor design comes in the form of special convection holes placed at critical areas of the motherboard to facilitate airflow from turbo fans to the underside, providing additional cooling.

Dust Defender is an additional form of protection that works similarly to the military-inspired Thermal Armour, but instead of keeping temperatures low, it keeps system damaging dust at bay from peripheral ports and slots. After extended computer usage, excessive build-up of dust can occur on contact points within slots and connection ports; these can compromise data transfer speeds, negating the benefits of expensive and critical components such as graphics cards. The custom-designed TUF shielding covers resists particulate entry, effectively extending PCIe, RAM and USB connection life while also promoting better performance.

Featured in previous SABERTOOTH models, Thermal Radar monitors temperatures in critical parts of the motherboard in real time, automatically adjusting fan speeds to make sure the system maintains a high level of stability. The new Thermal Radar comes with a new feature called Fan Overtime, which keeps the two turbo fans running a few minutes post shutdown on standby power to remove any remaining heat. By expelling any high temperatures that are still lingering in the case where they can cause damage, it extends system longevity, dropping heat by as much as 7°C in just ten minutes. Users can automatically shut off fans using either preset or manually-selected temperature thresholds, or based on time after shut down.

The SABERTOOTH Z77 comes bundled with a host of exclusive ASUS features to stand out from the competition. A new DIGI+ Power control system allows for ultra-precise modulation and tuning of the CPU, iGPU and DRAM, so users can have total control of their system. In addition, ASUS ESD Guard offers unique protection of motherboard components from unexpected electrostatic discharges, providing peace-of-mind usage. Also on board is LucidLogix Virtu® MVP featuring HyperFormance™ Technology, which boosts your discrete graphics card up to 60% beyond its original performance.