DMS Electronics, HP help local business community transform data centres

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DMS Electronics (DMSE), together with Hewlett-Packard hosted a gathering of CXOs to a session on cloud solutions under the theme ‘Transforming the Data Centre’ recently. The thought-leadership session explored problems with the current approach to cloud computing faced by organisations and highlighted the importance of choosing the best cloud solution.

“Cloud solutions have caught on really quickly in the local market, but there isn’t a lot of information about how cloud solutions can be best used. Our goal with this workshop was to educate the local business community on the options that are available to them and the best practices to transform their data centres to increase efficiency and effectiveness,” said Tabriz Faizeen, Product Manager of Technology Solutions at DMS Electronics.

Mathew Yeo, a Solutions Architect for Cloud Solutions in South East Asia from Hewlett-Packard Singapore, led the session on a CXO’s challenges. The topics covered included identifying the most suited cloud solution for an organisation, optimising the cloud computing system to produce the best results, transforming pre-existing cloud systems for better results, and the importance of customising cloud solutions for a perfect fit.  

“Cloud service offerings have been available for a while but what is significant today is that new technologies have made it more secure, agile and cost effective, enabling any type of organisation to embrace it. With this technology, enterprises could offer their internal services to external customers without many changes. In this context, HP has the best building blocks for an open cloud-ready data centre without locking you down. HP’s comprehensive cloud portfolio and expertise has earned over 1000 cloud implementations across Asia Pacific up to now,” said Shiran Perera, Country Manager of Hewlett Packard Lanka Ltd.

The session also explored additional advantages of deploying a cloud solution, apart from cost-reduction. According to a 2010 CIO Cloud Computer Survey published by HP last November, an average of 18% of the respondents’ budgets were allocated towards cloud services with plans for the investment of an average of $2.2 million in cloud-based solutions in the ensuing year, further attesting towards the business advantages offered by cloud computing.

DMS Electronics Managing Director T.L. Chandranath stated: “While cost reduction is definitely considered to be the biggest advantage of cloud computing, we wanted to highlight its other benefits to the local market such as the model’s flexibility, allowing rapid provisioning of services and building of new applications. Many of these features often have a larger impact on businesses that implement cloud solutions by supporting new products and services and generating additional revenue.”

DMSE has been an HP specialised partner offering a range of HP products and solutions to local consumers for almost two decades and has successfully deployed numerous large-scale IT infrastructure solutions for enterprise customers in Sri Lanka. Most recently, the company was recognised as the ‘Best Enterprise Partner of the Year’ at the HP Partner Awards Night.