Axienta’s mobile solutions promises to revolutionise operations of Lankan biz

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Axienta, a Sri Lankan company that specialises in offering high performance mobile enterprise solutions have transformed their client’s business results by connecting and empowering field professionals to achieve extreme levels of productivity. Speaking of the mobile revolution which is very much a part of Sri Lankan enterprises today, and outlining some of the factors that are prevalent in our current market place Axienta CEO Manju Fernando stated, “Many organisations are leveraging their corporate information anytime, anywhere, similar to the way we use consumer applications on our devices. Most of our customers in Sri Lanka are interested in using mobile solutions across many sectors.” Speaking of their own successes in this sphere, he said that, “Today the demand is for applications that have simplicity, speed, and user experience, while upholding the traditional norms such as, security, reliability, and scalability. Fernando pointed out that predominantly field force automation in the FMCG and Pharma distribution verticals have been for sales force automation.  But other verticals such as property professional services, specifically in the valuation business and now health care services sector are also adopting mobility, in their day to day operations. Emphasising the way forward for the industry, he stated, “Today, a whole new software distribution model has emerged thanks to the advent of app stores, consumer and enterprise alike. Hosting services and ‘The Cloud’ are now being used as an accessible solution option that allows information to be stored, scaled and managed in new ways.  This means the requirement of larger scale organisations creating their own ‘Cloud’ style infrastructure, are becoming popular. This will in turn have an increase in demand from mobile applications for processing power, security and the way business data is accessed. Shifting focus to mobile and cloud Therefore companies need to meet these demands by shifting their focus to mobile and cloud for the development, deployment, and management of their mobile apps, and connect them securely to back-end systems. The result of this has been the emergence of next-generation, cloud-based mobile application platforms. By drawing on modular, horizontal cloud services, these enterprise platforms are evolving a new model for how mobile enterprise apps access, store, secure, push and synchronize data.” He went on to explain that this poses challenges for IT professionals who must keep pace with an evolving, multi-device, multi-OS landscape. They’re expected to provide rapid scaling to meet the demand of thousands or even millions of users, while taking into consideration a legacy of back-office systems, not to mention protecting sensitive corporate data. The good news is that it’s possible to combine the best of both worlds using modern, open toolkits and agile software development. Outlining their own company plans, Fernando said, “The real value of an enterprise mobile application platform becomes apparent when app deployments move from tactical to more involved, strategic and scalable uses and when organisations grow to embrace multiple apps, multiple devices and increased interfacing with different backend systems. Hence, one of the plans we have in the pipeline for this year is to look at deploying our platform as a ‘Software as a service’ (SAAS) model. This will enable a cross section of enterprises to deploy mobility for their field operations. Especially the small and medium enterprises will especially prefer an Opex model as opposed to a Capex model.” Fernando concluded, “Open, agile and flexible technologies are the new norm. The cloud-based platform dismantles the barriers to mobile configurability, control, security and scalability, while providing the flexibility and interoperability needed for mobile enablement.”