Axienta launches flexible, cost-effective solutions for sales force management

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Axienta, an innovative Sri Lankan company, has established itself in the market as a provider of an integrated mobile platform for organisations to effectively manage their field operations such as sales, marketing and services. The flexibility of the platform allows companies to easily configure the application to match their own unique operational methodologies and processes hence optimising their efficiencies. Speaking of their software platform, Dr. Sujeewa Rathnayake, Chief Technical Officer of Axienta, stated: “The use of mobile systems is fast becoming the standard for sales-oriented companies that are fulfilling dozens or even thousands of orders daily. It helps companies rid themselves of archaic and slow procedures that can waste time and money in an ever-competitive sales environment, regardless of the product or service being sold.” He pointed out that whilst providing the complete functionality required by the sales rep, the simplicity of the application is that it can let you provide your sales force with mobile access to real-time information with access to key customer information at point-of-need, allow sales team to share activity, calendar, and workflow data, access customer-specific pricing and product configurations, create/track orders, access sales reports and delivery and status alerts. It also allows the sales force to check inventory levels, cross-sell opportunities, promotional opportunities, and just about any other vital information from anywhere. All these steps are, quite literally, in the palm of the salesperson’s hand. On-the-go access to the sales process means less time spent on end-of-day data entry. This results in more time to meet with more customers, serving them and closing sales, leading to a higher level of customer satisfaction through a more accurate, cost-effective and customer-responsive sales force. Dr. Rathnayake also affirmed that their platform was user friendly with both Microsoft and Oracle databases and also has cross browser compatibility IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Microsoft Internet Explorer. The platform can also be used on Android, iPad and iPhone and on Windows CE iOS and Windows Mobile. He added that the solution is web ready from inception and can deploy SAAS (Software As A Service), which will in turn be very cost effective for an organisation. Disaster recovery was also very conducive with their platform as Axienta uses best practices that have evolved over the last seven years, which can ensure the security of internalised knowledge of individual components at all times. Dr. Rathnayake has worked in both the USA and Singapore for over 15 years and also has a Doctorate in Security. He stated that he returned to Sri Lanka to join Axienta, as he strongly believed that a company of its calibre has the know-how and expertise through its innovative, reliable products and services to take the industry in imaginative new directions and revolutionise the manner in which Sri Lankan businesses operate. “I want to be a part of such initiatives and use the knowledge I have gained overseas to help make our local businesses more efficient and cost effective,” he concluded.