Affno changing the face of Bahrain’s higher education sector

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Internationally award-winning software company Affno is transforming reporting across Bahrain’s higher education sector. The Higher Education Council (HEC) of Bahrain is the leading authority within the Ministry of Education, overseeing all tertiary education institutions within the Kingdom. The Council obtains student, faculty and programme data from all higher education institutions and monitors the quality of over 100 programmes to ensure a superior student experience. Up until now, the HEC has been receiving data in an ad hoc manner and inconsistent format, making it difficult to manage quality. Reporting was erratic, with data being received once a year at most. An assortment of formats made data entry, evaluation and submission to establishments cumbersome. As a result, the HEC was falling behind on its ability to provide quality insights on the health of the sector to authorities such as UNESCO. Moreover, it was unable to go beyond data processing to provide strategic guidance to the institutions that most needed it. Recognising the need for an automated solution, Affno developed a system to supply the Council with up-to-date student, faculty and programme information. This system, which will be implemented across all tertiary education institutions in Bahrain, will furnish the HEC with comprehensive data on the popularity of different programmes, trends in students’ academic choices, and even deficiencies in the educational system. With Affno’s Workplace Automation software, the HEC is now also able to publish reports instantly, enabling the Council to submit all the necessary information to UNESCO and other authorities in a timely manner. Affno presents a unique advantage by virtue of its three complementary offerings – Workplace Automation, Mobile Innovation and Web Development. The combination of these three areas is unique both regionally and globally and has equipped Affno with an exceptional level of aesthetic and functional expertise, enabling the company to emerge as a leader in e-government and m-government.