Project LEAD: An innovation for the new normal

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With the aim of gainfully engaging young graduates, SLASSCOM together with AIESEC Sri Lanka and State and non-State universities is launching the LEAD Program (Learn – Engage – Activate – Develop).

LEAD is a project based mentorship program delivered through the universities’ online platforms. The program developed by SLASSCOM and AIESEC will enable the graduates to compete and complete projects from our partner companies. Graduates will work from home on the projects assigned to them in small teams online. They will be mentored by industry volunteers from the partner companies and volunteers from AIESEC.

The experience would include learning to work in teams, communication, empathy, time management, discipline to meet goals and deadline, whilst applying theoretical knowledge gained in universities into practice. The graduates will get a good appreciation of how industry develops solutions from working with the professionals from the partner companies.

With the industry experience and expertise of SLASSCOM and the volunteer networks of AIESEC across universities coming together for the LEAD program, the platform is set for partners to join hands to make it a success.

The National School of Business Management (NSBM), the University of Peradeniya (UOP) and Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT) have partnered with us to extend the LEAD program to their students who are completing their final year examinations. Other universities are expected to partner in line with their final year exams calendar. 

Partnering in this initiative to provide ground breaking opportunities for aspiring graduates are around 25 reputed companies from the IT Industry in Sri Lanka. As the program gains traction, many other companies are expected to become partners, benefitting graduates with more project and mentorship opportunities from the industry and the industry benefiting from graduates who have relevant employable skills. 

Numerous benefits for the graduates who can be part of Project LEAD include,

  • Work experience: Learn more than just classrooms and lectures with hands-on projects

  • Build your career: Know what suits you best and start building on it

  • Grow and refine skills: Expert assistance on your learning journey guarantees your development

  • Become a leader: Be part of the framework AIESEC and SLASSCOM have designed for your development into a leader for the future

  • Network with professionals: Your network is your net worth. Build your network by meeting professionals and experts in your industry

  • Be better: Give yourself an advantage over your peers with the right guidance and industry experience