Lift off from loft1024: Startups celebrate success

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Celebrating two years since its launch, LOFT1024 recorded over 12 startups that have lifted off successfully after taking space at this site. 

Located in the heart of Colombo, LOFT1024 is an incubator for accelerating creative techie ideas. LOFT1024 facilitates setting up operations with fully-equipped and ready-to-occupy workspaces and complementary support services. This two-storeyed building is furnished with desks, chairs, beanbags, warm lighting and an industry-related library.

“I was pleasantly surprised at the show of interest and how the concept was appreciated,” said LOFT1024 CEO Dinesh Saparamadu. “Today we have had several companies that started off here and have now moved on to bigger and better opportunities in their respective fields.” 

“One of the main reasons for starting LOFT1024 was to encourage startup companies working here to collaborate and develop useful and beneficial synergies between them,” added Saparamadu. “Looking forward, we will be looking at synergies between startups and other hSenid companies that will benefit both sides.”

Kasper Global Ltd. Founder/CEO Kasun Udara Dissanayake says that starting off at LOFT1024 was definitely a great idea. Apart from knowledge-sharing with likeminded persons at the premises, his team had ample space and the perfect ambiance to concentrate on his business and focus on what was important. “All minor details were taken care of and all we had to do was concentrate on our business strategies and structure,” said Dissanayake. 

Dissanayake moved into LOFT1024 in January 2016 because of the location and ease of access to his clients. He says that as a startup, it was also a major cost-saving as the plug and play option was suitable for his operation. Kasper Global Ltd. is an IoT based consumer electronics manufacturing company with clients such as Vega Innovations Ltd. and Singapore-based WiZLogix Ltd.    

Dinushka Devasurendra started off at LOFT1024 in December 2015. He took up space for his five-member team and built up Global Frontiers Ltd., a project management and business development operation. “It was a very good start for us,” he says. “The staff who managed LOFT1024 ensured that we and our visitors were well taken care of at any given time. I also feel that there is an element of luck in this building as every startup has had good vibes from here.” 

The services provided at LOFT1024 are private and open-plan workspaces that can be customised, six individual rooms that can accommodate up to seven people each, a common area that can accommodate up to 10 individual desks, free Wi-Fi, boardroom and meeting room with projectors and screens, a common area, reception services and 24x7 security.

Apart from the perfectly central location, LOFT1024 has the most affordable rent in town. Tenants can rent up to one desk or an entire room.