Just In Time Group steps up to protect customer businesses securing ISO/IEC 27001:2013

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  • To further customer and business partner commitment with ISO Information Security Management System

Just In Time Group CEO Chrishan Mendis


 ISO 27001:2013 is one of the most popular information security standards in the world. Today, all over the world more and more companies are achieving ISO 27001 certification to highlight the robustness of their information security management. Compliance with ISO 27001 was previously about having a competitive edge, but now ISO 27001 certification has become the norm for best-practice information security. 

With the rise of information security breaches currently, organisations increasingly have to show they can be trusted for information security and privacy management. Thus, having ISO 27001 demonstrates that an organisation has identified the risks, and put in place preventative measures to protect the organisation from information security breaches. 

Keeping this in mind and their stakeholders who are increasingly interested in how their valuable information is handled and protected, Just In Time Group (JIT) took the initiative of obtaining the ISO certification. The risks involved in cyber security and data breaches of any kind are too great nowadays, not have the adequate measures in place to protect their stakeholders. 

“We are serious about the priorities and requirements of our customers when it comes to information security,” commented JIT CEO Chrishan Mendis. ‘ISO 27001’ certification demonstrates robust security practices, which will instil further confidence in the minds of our customers. Improved information security and data protection is much higher on the list of priorities for today’s business leaders. 

The processes required to meet the ISO 27001 standard results in better documentation, which means that all staff will have clear guidelines to follow, to help keep the organisation secure and free from attacks. This provides a clear framework to consider information security risks, management processes and key operational elements such as how IT systems must be kept up to date with, anti-virus protection, data storage and back-ups and IT change management. 

Cyber-attacks and data breaches could always happen, but the forward planning that’s involved with ISO 27001 demonstrates that you have taken adequate steps to protect your business continuity. 

Therefore, prevention from the ‘perfect storm’ brewing for any business with regards to cyber threats is why JIT took the initiative, stemming from understanding the customers’ critical touch points and requirements that need to be met with the highest security. The adoption of an Information Security Management System became a strategic decision for JIT to ensure their commitment as a trusted ICT partner to their customers.

Furthermore, regulations like the Data Protection Regulations have come into force in Sri Lanka, as the cyber threat landscape is becoming increasingly hazardous, making it imperative for a higher level of information security for businesses – especially for essential service businesses where a security breach of any kind needs to be avoided. In a situation such as breach of security, for a large or small enterprise, facing a growing threat of a cyberattack can impact their business in more ways than one – loss of customer trust, negatively impacting the brand and causing material financial damage to the bottom line are such direct impacts of a cyber security breach. In the past, businesses may have simply ignored cyber risks that seem insignificant, but today, it is safe to suggest that cyber security should be pivotal to an organisation. 

This certification is an important achievement for JIT, as they provide best of breed solutions as an integral part their DNA, on the same promise, it is also paramount that information security is being maintained at the highest level in managing business critical activities, including people, processes and IT systems for all stakeholder information to be secure at the highest level.

With ISO 27001 certification JIT can assure customers that they are taking appropriate control measures to protect confidential and privileged information. This certification follows international best practices to mitigate cyber threats and have cyber incident response and management processes to respond to cyber-attacks, with having an established formal information risk management process and a functioning Information Security Risk Management System or ISMS.

“To safeguard data, many businesses are implementing ISMS. The ISO 27000 family of guidance and management standards helps secure the confidentiality of your company’s information. With internationally recognised certification from Bureau Veritas, companies can demonstrate the availability, integrity and confidentiality of their information and reduce the risk of information security breaches. JIT is one such company, demonstrating their commitment with their recent certification, and also further strengthening their trust with their customers.” – Bureau Veritas In Sri Lanka

Chrishan Mendis further stated, “This achievement marks another step in our customer journey, as through our contribution through technology towards, services and solutions for critical infrastructure, information security plays a vital role, and keeping these technologies up and running in an uninterrupted manner, spans over two decades. One main objective as a technology company, and as we are all adopting more technology day by day, is having strong information security measures and processors in place, to be smarter in staying one step ahead to avoid any major risks, for uninterrupted business continuity.” 

With the achievement of the ISMS certification, JIT assures their customers with this highest level of certification, where they can further guarantee and validate JIT, as a trusted ICT partner for their business-critical information needs. Furthermore, this will enable their business units, with enhanced data protection measures. 

With the need of hour for businesses with cybersecurity’s growing concerns, where the endless threats are growing day by day and we must all understand that firewalls alone cannot and will not solve these challenges. Businesses and companies must understand the importance of implementing information security measures into their business processors, which in turn gives solutions to mitigate and manage challenges proactively. 

Achieving the ISMS certification with ISO/IEC 27001:2013, is for the customer. The achievement for JIT, was for administering a high level of information security standards and best practices across the company’s Information Security support units of; Project Management, Pre sales, Post sales, IT and Support functions of HR, Legal and Administration departments – accredited from the world-renowned certification body, Bureau Veritas.

Founded in 1996, JIT is a veteran in the ICT Systems and Integrated Solutions sector in Sri Lanka, providing cutting-edge integrated solutions to telecommunications, government, health, defence, and financial sectors.