3G routers for on-the-go web work

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When you want to take some Wi-Fi-based internet access on the road, your best choice would be to grab a Planet WNRT-625G router that uses a 3G connection to make it happen.

Every laptop comes with Wi-Fi these days, but all the Wi-Fi in the world is useless if you’re so remote that there’s no signal around. Wi-Fi public hotspots are in a lot of places, but they’re not everywhere, and stealing from neighbors can be an invitation for a legal proposition.

Not even cable and DSL can go everywhere. That’s why more and more telco operators have started offering 3G services, which can go beyond the traditional means of accessing internet services.

Beyond Wi-Fi

3G stands for “third generation,” a catch-all term for several wireless broadband technologies. 3G connectivity is in phones but you can also buy 3G modems for laptops. Usually these modems come as USB dongles or PC Cards or ExpressCards. What you need depends on your laptop or desktop computer.

Now, what if you could get a router — just like the one you use on your home or office network to get Wi-Fi — but instead of having internet powered by a cable or DSL modem, the backbone was that wireless 3G connection? Just plug that USB-based 3G modem dongle in and you could take your Wi-Fi with you anywhere — in theory.

Planet 3G Routers

Leading communication equipment manufacturer Planet Technology Corporation of Taiwan has released a series of 3G routers which are now available in Sri Lanka through their Authorized Distributor ABC Computers (Pvt) Limited. This series of routers will undoubtedly help organisations to take the power of WIFI internet to remote locations and carry out their business more successfully and also reliably.

Via connecting 3G Internet USB Internet to the WNRT-625G, you can enjoy surfing internet instantly, as well as built-in one WAN port for wired cable or DSL service as alternative sharing network with neighbors. WNRT-625G provides a better wireless signal, higher data rate and performance than 802.11g.

Furthermore, with the latest security and firewall functions, WNRT-625G helps to prevent unauthorised access or invasion. Just click the Wizard and setup step by step, you can relax to get in the wireless network and enjoy high speed Internet transmission at your home, office; in public place, event or even on transportation.

The entire range of Planet products are now available or can be ordered from ABC Computers (Pvt) Limited or its strong dealer base located all over Sri Lanka. ABC Computers (Pvt) Ltd is a leading distributor of cutting edge ICT products in Sri Lanka and all products sales are backed with a high quality after sales service.