Suren Cooke Agencies helps in fight against dengue

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  Dengue is the most deadly mosquito-borne viral disease, especially confronting countries located within the equatorial region, having high temperature. Rainfall and humidity, those are conducive for mosquito breeding and migration that causes extensive transmission of the disease. Thus global warming is likely to cause an increased incidence of dengue, in endemic areas. The transmission of the virus by mosquito vectors can only be curbed through enhancement of the measures implemented at present. In order to achieve this objective, cooperation of the public is absolutely essential to conduct a successful vector control program. These practices could substantially reduce breeding sites:  
  •  Community should cooperate by checking their own property for breeding sites.

  • Make sure rain gutters are not clogged.

  • Do not allow water to accumulate in tyres, barrels, cans, etc.

  • Flush out bird baths.

  • Notify the local authorities of breeding sites on public and unattended properties.

  The most innovative and powerful attack against mosquitoes is the cluster or community treatment program initiated by Suren Cooke Agencies.  This is a program which unites neighbours in a selected area to arrest mosquitoes in their neighbourhood by carrying out simultaneous treatment covering the entire neighbourhood. Some of the advantages of this system are the broader coverage of a specific geographical location, lower cost per neighbour due to shared cost, longer period of effectiveness, a sense of satisfaction as a local community in contributing towards the national effort of controlling dengue mosquitoes. The Mosquito Management Program of Suren Cooke Agencies commences by conducting a survey of the premises, and its environment, to identify all possible breeding sites and entry routes to the building structure. An effective dengue vector control operation incorporates adulticiding and the application of larvicide in a single operation. Suren Cooke Agencies has in its arsenal, a three-pronged treatment method in arresting this mosquito menace. Treatment of breeding sites with larvacide, automated ultra low volume residual spraying of adult mosquito resting grounds and thermal fogging against adult mosquitoes in flight which has a broad spectrum effect. These treatments, in addition to controlling adult mosquitoes and larva, leave small amounts of insecticide deposited on vegetation, thus providing residual control against migratory adult mosquitoes. Fog application in the form of a hand held or truck mounted fogger destroys the infected mosquitoes, interrupting the transmission cycle and stopping the disease cycle that minimises the spread of dengue. Suren Cooke Agencies is committed to act for the benefit of the community and in harmony with the environment.