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Situated in Belarus, Eastern Europe, Vitebsk State Medical University (VSMU) is one of the best medical universities in the world. A state owned University, VSMU was ranked as number one among all the medical universities in Eastern Europe. Through PATHE Study Medicine, now students in Sri Lanka can obtain the chance of studying in this prestigious university to become a medical doctor. Graduates of VSMU will have the opportunity to either practice in Sri Lanka or overseas such as in UK, USA, Canada, Australia and Middle East and many other countries.

The field of medicine helps to prevent and treat illnesses while a medical doctor plays a fundamental role in administering the health care needed in society. When compared to many countries in the region, the Sri Lankan health care system takes precedence due to the stringent measures taken by the Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) when recruiting medical professionals. Students who study medicine abroad are required to sit for the ERPM (Examination for Registration to Practice Medicine) Examination. Medical graduates who have studied in countries with medical systems that have lower standards when compared to Sri Lanka fail to pass this exam. However, VSMU graduates have shown exceptional results mainly due to excellent English medium syllabus and the state-of-the-art facilities available in the university.

More than 200 Sri Lankan students are currently studying in VSMU, and approximately around 40 of them are children of reputed medical consultants of Sri Lanka. VSMU is fully recognised by SLMC, WHO, the ECFMG (USA), the GMC (UK) and many other medical councils. VSMU is equipped with three multi-level educational buildings, lecture rooms, labs, sports facilities, five hostels, three cafeterias and much more to ensure that students receive the best education experience possible. Sri Lankan meals are available through the Sri Lankan restaurant at VSMU.

VSMU Library has more than 500,000 volumes of academic and scientific literature both in the form of hard copies as well as virtual volumes on CDs. Six circulation departments, seven reading halls of electronic library with capacity of 60 computers each; Wi-Fi access and more are also available for students utilising the library. All classrooms have multimedia technology, and the labs are equipped with the latest lab equipment to keep on par with world leading medical technology. The clinical base of the university also contains modern medical diagnostic equipment and the bed fund of the clinical department is more than 6200 where students are able to gain ample clinical experience.  Besides all of the above mentioned facilities the living conditions in Belarus, a country in Europe, provides a highly suitable environment to live in with culture and values creating a home away from home for Sri Lankan students who wish to study in VSMU.

PATHE Study Medicine, the sole representative of VSMU in Sri Lanka, Maldives, and Singapore provides guidance each step of the way for hopeful students who wish to study medicine at the University. From student admission to visa to housing, all will be taken care of by PATHE Study Medicine at an affordable cost where the total cost is well below Rs.4 million. Students who come to PATHE Study Medicine will have to go through a screening process to ensure that the best students are chosen to go to VSMU as there are only a limited number of seats available for Sri Lankan students each year. Furthermore PATHE Study Medicine provides all student related services including medical insurance, medical checks, student visa, and hostel facilities. Students and parents have the option of paying tuition fees through instalments and unlike Bangladesh, Nepal and Georgia they are not required to pay 50% upfront.

Over the past 12 years PATHE Study Medicine has managed to establish themselves as the leader in Sri Lankan medical education. Some of the other universities represented in the extensive portfolio of PATHE Study Medicine include Monash University in Australia and Malaysia (MBBS), International Medical University in Malaysia (MBBS), St. George’s Medical College in USA/UK (MD) and Angeles University Foundation in Philippines (MD).

 PATHE Study Medicine has placed more than 1,500 students in well recognised universities around the world during the past 12 years. Graduates of these universities have gone on to become Medical Practitioners in Sri Lanka and overseas. For more information regarding applying to study medicine overseas, please contact 0777 662233 or visit PATHE Study Medicine at 111 ½ Maya Avenue, Colombo 6. You are also welcome to visit our website or on Facebook