Screening of over 800 disorders and genetic counselling services from Credence Genomics

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Credence Genomics is Sri Lanka’s premier genomic sequencing facility with the latest technology, providing cutting edge diagnostics using next generation sequencing technology to diagnose patients with inherited predisposition to cancers or to other inherited disorders. The availability of such technology also means the results need to be explained. Credence is fully equipped with a panel of qualified genetic counsellors who can be channelled by calling the hotline. 

Dr. Samuditha Senaratne who has been counselling patients for inherited genetic diseases says, “The tests at Credence Genomics are highly specialised and sometimes both clinicians and patients need assistance to interpret the results. A counsellor’s interpretation and assistance is important to bring clarity to such tests as they could have permanent and long term consequences.”

Sri Lanka has a high incidence of cancer and other inherited diseases. Usually inheritance patterns are seen from either side of the family and by tracking these mutations early, patients can take preventive measures against acquiring the disease. It will also be helpful in early detection of diseases and thereby in curtailing expenditure to cure the disease both for the patients pocket as well as the government. A counsellor is critical at this point as expanding on options of screening or treatment would also have to be explained.

Dr. Padmapani Padeniya said, “The robust technique – NGS operated at the Credence Genomic facility, allows us to detect vast amounts of data in a short time. The lab reports are always coupled with pre and post-test counselling and the counsellors are constantly liaising with the clinicians and scientists; hence credibility is ensured. Further to that, carrier screening offers the possibility to screen more than 800 genetic disorders and permits patients the choice for pre-marital decision making, thereby nationally contributing to reduce birth defects, which in turn reduces the health burden.”

At present Credence has Credence Breast and Credence Colorectal which covers 18 disease-causing genes in breast cancer and 17 disease causing genes in colorectal cancer. An inherited disorder panel covering 325 genes is also available at Credence covering over 800 disorders. The tests can be requested at all partner hospitals or directly at Credence. 

Counselling services offered are both for pre counselling and post counselling. Any additional consultancies can be also given by the Credence team which comprises of specialists in oncology, infectious diseases and inherited disorders.