Overseas medical assistance service from HealthOpinion

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HealthOpinion, an overseas health assistance company headquartered in Chennai, India recently extended its services in Sri Lanka to provide medical assistance for Sri Lankan patients who wish to seek expert diagnostic and treatment services in India. While HealthOpinion provides this medical assistance service free of charge to patients, the patients have to pay for actuals at the hospitals, for accommodation, transport etc. The primary concept behind HealthOpinion is to reach out to any individual who may have apprehensions regarding their health, the means of treating it and a clear path to access expert treatment. HealthOpinion has been happy to provide assistance to many such overseas patients in need to seek expert diagnostic and treatment services in India to restore them back to health. The most common impediments to patients seeking treatment in India is the citing of specialty hospitals, gaining timely admission, organising a place to stay during treatment and recuperation and communicating accurately with the doctors. As an experienced health assistance company, HealthOpinion is well positioned to provide these services through dedicated, well trained officials who are available for discussion on a 24x7 basis. “From identifying the correct diagnostic services and the most appropriate hospital and doctors, fixing appointments with them, aiding the patient and their family members comfortable stay during treatment and cure, and formulating the ideal treatment plan always taking into account the individuals financial feasibility, we at HealthOpinion ensures that patients and their families have peace of mind on the steady road to recovery,” said HealthOpinion Business Head J. Krishna Kavya. “Recent patient success stories from countries where our services have already been launched, make us proud that with our dedication to the patient’s cause, knowledge and experience, we have been able to make a positive impact on life threatening situations faced by patients and bring them back to health,” she added. HealthOpinion is a health assistance organisation providing services to the individuals and their family and friends who are in need of affordable, safe and quality healthcare treatment. HealthOpinion provides personalised care to all, for their needs and requirements. We offer a variety of services from booking appointments, identifying the best hospital one needs, suggesting various options of treatment plans, obtain a second opinion all through a dedicated executive taken care completely. HealthOpinion has close ties with some of the most renowned hospitals of India that have hi-tech and advanced equipment, state-of-the-art comforts and facilities, skilled doctors and compassionate and dedicated nurses, that will help you in swift recovery. More information on HealthOpinion’s services can be obtained from info@healthopinion.net.