Optimal health in 28 days

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 By Cheranka Mendis

Staying fit and healthy while enjoying rich Italian food do not really go together. It seems contradictory; what with Italian food being known for its high calorie packet layered in the likes of lasagna, pizza and spaghetti keeping fit, maintaining your health and losing weight seems to be out of the question.  

In a unique attempt to bring together the two varying concepts, Director of the famous Italian haunt Regina Margherita Barbara Avossa recently tied up with internationally certified Iridologist Michelle Jones to introduce ‘Detox 28’- 28 days to optimal health. The programme which attempts to create wellness among the patients, Detox 28 is a programme designed to assist people to do a healthy and personalised detox programme in 28 days without all the hassles. The duo claimed that the programme is mainly for those who want to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight with glowing skin.

 Under Detox 28, patients will receive personalised treatment as well as their diet depending on the package they chose from for the particular number of days. Iridologist Michelle Jones currently living and practicing ideology, nutrition and wellness consulting at Revival Physical Medicine Center, Colombo stated that the main factor that deters wellness is the lack of knowledge on what to eat and how to prepare it. Even among her patients, Jones stated that it is exceedingly difficult to urge them to eat the designed meal each day. “This is what brought Barbra and I together. She cooks; I diagnose. And what is diagnosed during the allocated days of the programme will be delivered to your doorstep or workplace at the scheduled times,” Jones asserted. Jones diagnoses diseases by examining the iris of a person.

 “Doing the programme in 28 days allows people to slowly create changes in their diet and lifestyle that will effect change in their health without causing undue stress to the person both physically and emotionally.  Stress is best avoided during a detox to ensure its maximum effects.” To ensure the continuity of the programme even after the 28 day period is over Jones and Avossa will teach their clients how to cook healthy.

 A first time in Sri Lanka the programme offers a full package from weekly wellness consultation, personal treatment, and customised exercise programmes to all meals and snacks for the day. A copy of ‘Best Diet’s Ever’ a book with 31 smoothie recipes will be given out to the clients. Avossa assured that the programme and the meals are personally designed for each persons needs. “I have created a special menu to cater for the participants of this programme taking into consideration all the requirements of a healthy meal. Michelle has seen and tasted the meals I have created and she has approved them for this programme.  

All the meals will be cooked with Halal and organic ingredients, when and if available in Sri Lanka, such as lamb, chicken, seafood, vegetables, and fruits,” Avossa said. On a side note Avossa expressed that Italian food are not rich from calories only and that depends on the way you cook and the ingredients used.

Mainly the lunches served will consists of mouth-watering but healthy cooked meals such as grilled prawns served with grilled eggplant and bell pepper grilled in the wood fire oven; grilled lamb racks served with parsley potatoes, salad, broccoli; chicken breasts served with a portion of Arborio rice, carrots, cauliflower and tomatoes salad dressed with our well known and home made Italian dressing.

In line with fine Italian cuisine all the meals will be cooked following healthy Italian recipes and prepared only with extra virgin Italian olive oil. The entire range of lunches that will be delivered will be served in porcelain plates. “This is about losing weight the tasty way,” Avossa added.

“It is a hand holding programme,” Jones continued, “we will be there for you during the programme offering out fullest cooperation.” Detox 28 comes in two packages- the basic and the premium. In the premium package pilates with professional hydro-therapy and massages are included. The 28 day programme will start from 1 May, they said.