OMACX Healthcare statement on ‘vilification campaign’

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OMACX Healthcare Ltd., a leading corporate specialising in the import and distribution of oncology (cancer) drugs in Sri Lanka, in a statement said it is deeply concerned over a continuing smear campaign targeting the company on an alleged fraud, which was reported way back in September 2013.

At a time the due process Into this alleged incident is ongoing, it is regrettable that persons with vested interests – the notorious ‘medical mania’ – is adding fuel to fire to achieve its own sinister ends through an organised attempt to vilify OMACX Healthcare and tarnish Its good name and image built over this years.

This is clearly evident from the adverse publicity still being generated in a section of the media on the alleged fraud pertaining to the oncology drug ‘Oncaspar’, at the Maharagama National Cancer Institute (NCI).

Certain unsuspecting media institutions are still being used to sling mud by describing OMACX as a ‘blacklisted company’. News clippings are scanned and emailed to principals overseas in the hope they would sever links with QMACX. These are despicable acts, which stand condemned.

Even more than two years after this alleged incident, the issue is being continuously whipped up with the objective of slinging mud and keeping the destructive flame alive to denigrate OMACX Healthcare.

It is an open secret that some competitors have also merrily joined the fray to push for the blacklisting of QMACX and effectively shut it out of the Health Ministry tender process for oncology drugs. If this happens, they will obviously have a field day on pricing.

As a responsible Company, it is not our intention to comment on the ongoing due process into the alleged fraud as it is a matter left best to those entrusted with ‘the task, but we are confident that the truth would surface in time to come.

At this juncture, it is pertinent to place on record that an independent three-member independent Committee headed by retired Supreme Court judge, Justice Jayantha Perera appointed by the Court of Appeal exonerated OMACX of any wrongdoing after a lengthy inquiry in 2014.

OMACX is a key supplier of a range of life-saving oncology products to the Ministry of Health through the Medical Supplies Division (MSD). The Company has been acclaimed as one of the very few industry players in Sri Lanka which has acquired the know-how and skills to market innovative niche molecules.

Marketing complicated molecules is a tough task in the fiercely competitive pharmaceuticals industry, but with its specialised knowledge, OMACX is confident of facing the challenges ahead.