Mega Lifesciences’ Ginsomin alleviates stress

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Mega Lifesciences, the wellness, healthcare and pharmaceutical company with a presence in over 50 countries, and manufacturing facilities in Thailand and Australia, with a total revenue of US$ 150 million, conducted a program on stress management, which they say could be greatly aided by using Ginsomin, one of their fastest selling products.

Established in 1983, Mega Lifesciences is engaged in manufacturing, marketing, selling and distributing medicines – nutritional, herbal, OTC drugs, and prescription drugs in developing countries. Mega Lifesciences is committed to providing quality products and services to their customers through continuous improvement and innovation.

“A ‘thinking’ organisation, that changes before it is forced to change, Mega Lifesciences endeavours to grow beyond each of us,” said Praveen Viswakumaran, Country Manager Sri Lanka, speaking at the workshop.

The program, which was conducted by Dr Chandima Namaratne who is a senior medical practitioner with extensive expertise in lecturing on stress, both its effects as well as management, was well received by users as well as potential users of Ginsomin.

A much-sought-after speaker on topics such as stress management and spirituality in our day-to-day lives, Dr. Namaratne obtained his MBBS degree from the faculty of medicine, University of Colombo in 1982. Apart from his various credentials, he is an active associate member and a regular resource person of the College of General Practitioners and a life member of the Independent Medical Practitioners Association.

Dr Namaratne mentioned the importance of living a life that made us happy so that we could not only spread happiness around us but also lead a very healthy life. According to him, stress is the number one cause for all ailments starting from acute conditions like colds and coughs, to chronic conditions like hypertension and diabetes.

“Stress affects our body, mind and soul. It can impair judgement, productivity and performance both at work and at home and even lead people into dependency on drugs and alcohol or take the extreme step of committing suicide. Stress also affects sexual performance.”

Dr. Namaratne went on to say that hormones like cortisol, cytokines and serotonin are released by the body in response to ,stress which makes us irritable and extremely difficult to handle and these hormones negatively affect virtually every organ of the body.

“Since man started experiencing stress, a phenomenon that manifested itself mostly with the advent of the industrial revolution, it is a proven fact that environment has played a damaging role on the human mind. If everyone attunes themselves and makes peace with one’s environment and cultivates a positive outlook on life, consciously trying to be happy, less greedy, more tolerant and of course practice meditation in addition to other good habits, stress can be very well managed. Every house can become a home and every man, woman and child can live life to the fullest and be healthy, always.”

Signs and symptoms of stress on the body include headaches, frequent infections, taut muscles, muscular twitches, fatigue, skin irritations and breathlessness, while mental manifestations include constant worrying, muddled thinking, impaired judgment, nightmares, indecision, negativity and hasty decisions. Emotional effects of stress are loss of confidence, fussiness, irritability, depression, apathy, alienation, and apprehension, while behavioural changes due to stress include being accident prone, loss of appetite, loss of sex drive, increased smoking and drinking, insomnia and restlessness.

According to Lalith Dias, Brand Manager, Ginsomin is a multivitamin and mineral supplement fortified with Ginseng. “The multivitamins and minerals in Ginsomin provide anti oxidant protection to the body, enhance immunity levels and keep all the vital organs of the body functioning extremely well. While Ginseng is a Korean root, natural in origin, it helps to overcome fatigue and stress while ensuring peak performance.” Overall Ginsomin assists in ensuring an active, energetic, strong and happy life. Ginsomin offers a convenient once daily dosage and ideally should be taken after breakfast. Manufactured by Mega Lifesciences at their plant in Thailand which conforms to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards, this plant is approved and certified by the Thai GMP, Australian TGA and European WHO (World Health Organization) institutions. Ginsomin was first launched by Mega Lifesciences about nine years ago in the Sri Lankan market with more than 15 years of international presence. Currently, the brand is available in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, Malaysia, Nigeria, Kenya, etc.“When compared to other multivitamin preparations, Ginsomin not only contains about 20 vitamins and minerals but also Korean Panax Ginseng, and can be taken by both men as well as women,” said Viswakumaran. Ginsomin is available in Sri Lanka at all leading pharmacies and supermarket outlets. The price of each capsule is Rs. 26 and each box contains 30 capsules.