Kinesio-taping workshop by George Steuart Health and GPA

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A workshop to promote awareness on the current trends of kinesio taping applications was organised by George Steuart Health Ltd. in collaboration with the Government Physiotherapists Association (GPA) recently at the National Hospital, Colombo Auditorium. The Chief Guest for the event was National Hospital Colombo Director Dr. Anil Jasinghe. Sri Lanka Orthopaedic Association President and SAARC Surgical Care Society and National Hospital Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Narendra Pinto was a special guest. GPA President Asanga Jayalath delivered the welcome address. He emphasised on the importance of taping and the immense benefits it could offer to all. Having realised the benefits of these tapes to the local society and the sports population of this country, George Steuart Health has taken the initiative to promote the taping methodologies and techniques of application among health care professionals of Sri Lanka. George Steuart Health Executive Director Erandajith Ranasinghe spoke on the increasing usage of taping among athletes. However, the taping technology is still in its infancy but is a very effective treatment option in varied conations and is free of side effects, he said. He also said that GSH believes in helping people live well thus GSH is thankful to GPA for the opportunity given to partner in such an important workshop to enhance the skill level government physiotherapists. This one-day workshop was conducted by Specialist Sports Physiotherapist/Haptotherapist Jose van Nunspeet from the Netherlands and Specialist Musculoskeletal and Sport Physiotherapist and Department of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, University of Peradeniya Lecturer Dulan Kodikara. The theoretical as well as the practical aspects of kinesio taping applications were discussed during the workshop with an active participation of around 150 Government physiotherapists. Kinesio tape or the famously called ‘K-tape’ is a new trend to Sri Lanka. Yet, the innovation of this tape goes back to the early ’70s and the credit goes to Dr. Kenso Kase, a Japanese chiropractor, for introducing this unique taping methodology to the world. There is limited research done on the benefits of these tapes, but the research findings largely support that these tapes are extremely beneficial on lymphatic drainage and in haematomas. This tape has a ripple design, which replicates the skin properties. When applied to an oedematous area, the tape lifts the skin, thereby immediately relieving the pressure and lymphatic congestion of the injured body part. According to specialist Musculoskeletal and Sports Physiotherapist Dulan Kodikara, who is working as a lecturer in physiotherapy, these tapes have remarkable effects in his routine clinical practice. “I have treated many elite level sports injuries successfully using the K-tapes. Especially when athletes come to me with bruises, sprains and strains with lot of swelling and oedema, I have applied these tapes in conjunction with the RICER protocol and achieved rapid recovery within 24-48 hours. I have also treated several mechanical low back pain patients very successfully, who have shown up to 80% immediate recovery, especially when applied on to the para-spinal muscle spasms. But I must say that this is not a magical treatment or the only treatment, it is just an option we use to help our patients in addition to our various other physical therapy approaches,” Kodikara said. Nunspeet has extensive experience in using the kinesio tapes. In addition to the pain relieving and muscle facilitating effects of these K-tapes, Nunspeet believes that it plays a major role in promoting proprioceptive awareness among patients. “I have dealt with many patients, both young and old during my career of over 30 years as a physiotherapist/haptotherapist. I must say that this tape does wonders. In the recent past, I have used these K-tapes to treat children presenting with drooling of saliva (cerebral palsy kids) to great effect to stop the process. Also, I have extensive clinical experience on getting good proprioceptive stimulations with patients who are having ankle and foot problems such as the foot drop. There is immediate effect if the tape is applied in a correct scientific method and the changes of the walking mechanics are quite obvious,” she added. George Steuart Health Product Specialist Indika Dias spearheaded the organising of this event together with Pasan Thambawita from the Government Physiotherapists Association under the patronage of Executive Director Erandajith Ranasinghe and Manager Surgical Sasanka Hettiarachchi. George Steuart Health will continue to organise more programs in due course to uplift the standards of the overall health performance of people engaged in sports in Sri Lanka.