Interpharm watch their seeds grow

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By Shanuka TIssera

In an annual fellowship held on Tuesday (19), Gamma Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd and Interpharm Pvt Ltd showcased their latest product – Gamma’s Gripe Mixture and provided attendees with an in-depth, up to date position of both companies including their means to a brighter future.

From left: Product Development Executive Mahesh Arthanayaka, Manager Corporate Communication and Events Sudheera Anuradha, National Sales Manager Dushantha Bogahalande and Cooperate Communication and Event Assistant Lasantha Fonseka

Gammas’s Gripe mixture is sure to provide a large chunk of profits for Gamma Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd as there is very little competition in the gripe sector. Interpham Pvt Ltd and Gamma Phaceuticals  Pvt. Ltd. National Sales Manager Dushantha Bogahlande explained why dominance in the gripe mixture segment is viable.

He said, “In recent events, the Government has recalled many supplies of gripe mixture due to quality and health and safety violations.” The product has been on the market for over two months now, is priced affordably and is showing strong sales. The companies want to now steam ahead of their competitors by making people aware of their brand that is catering only for the Sri Lankan market and do not have priorities to foreign markets.

Gamma Pharmaceuticals and Interpharm Chairman Kalana Hewanallika shared that he is very pleased and proud to be leading such an innovative and ethical brand. The company that has over 20 years experience in pharmaceuticals industry saw two fold growth last year. Gamma, who is the successor to the Faizer brand, has now reduced the amount of products that they used to sell due to high royalty payments. The vision of the company has now been etched into the minds of all workers to create a powerful and strong brand here in Sri Lanka, for the people of Sri Lanka. Their plans are to reinstate themselves within the market with their own brands that will be accomplished through their core values of quality, valued expertise, integrity, ethics and loyalty.

Interpham and Gamma Pharmaceuticals already provide a range of products such as antibiotics, oral care, medicine for infants, medical devices, consumer care products and have recently gone into the veterinary segment that is showing strong signs of growth. With contracts and tenders for the Ministry of Health Services and the Sri Lankan Government, Gamma and Interpham are preparing to outgrow the market. According toInterpharm and Gamma Pharmaceuticals Manager Corporate Communications and Events Sudhera Anuradha, “As one of the largest manufacturers in Sri Lanka, for the Sri Lankan market, our growth prospects are huge and we are maintaining steady growth levels already.”

In a market with many more suppliers, it is a tough industry to penetrate, but by Gamma and Interpharm showing that they care more about the people, they are sure to see an increase in customer loyalty. “The future is in home produced products and in turn we want to help our economy grow and not depend on the spending of our countries foreign reserves,” he added.

All products created by the companies are their own formulations according to British and US standards. With a lot of investment in formulation and product development, it is understood why the direction of this pharmaceuticals giant is heading for growth.

“If we can give the medicine to our family, then we can give it to anyone else,” this is the shared consensus between the management team that is passed onto workers. Quality control was explained to be highly costly but is a key necessity for Gamma and Interpharm.

With over five corporate social responsibility projects a month, ranging from free medicine to educational programmes, the staff really does have their feet on the ground. The greatest volume of units produced by Gamma and Interpharm are: Theofin – asthma patients and Mefen – painkiller, the gripe mixture is now set to become one of their best selling products and has the confidence to do so. Within the last five months itself, they have launched 4 products, namely medicine for diabetics, mouth sprays, consumer care and gripe mixture.