Ginsomin peps up your life

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01Mega Lifesciences recently held a special event to coincide with World Health day with the intention of deliveringa message of good health to the world. 

Speaking at the event Mega Lifesciences Country Manager Sri Lanka Praveen Visvakumaran said: “If you ask many people today what would they wish if a genie appeared before them now, many I am sure would wish for a beautiful car or a beautiful house or a beautiful holiday or maybe even a beautiful smart phone or a pet but how many would ask for that perfect health, which would help you enjoy all the above or still enjoy with none of the above. Its only when we lose it do we realise the value of it so are we forgetting that prevention is better than cure.”

World Health Day is celebrated globally on 7April and the World Health Organization (WHO) has earmarked each year to highlight a specific health problem that is threatening the peaceful survival of mankind.

Last year was dedicated to the diabetes and this year to depression. Both are raising problems that require immediate intervention and prompt attention before it’s too late.

Diabetes has become a global health concern that is causing medical and economical hard ships to nations and individuals, alike. This vastly unmanaged condition has resulted in increased cost of medical treatment and life threatening medical complications especially on vital organs such as the heart, eyes, kidney, nerves and limbs. Diabetes is also called a heart disease, as it strikes it mercilessly, in other words the heart is one of the key organs, critically affected when the glycemic levels are uncontrolled over a prolonged duration.

Various factors have contributed to this gigantic problem that does not discriminate between the rich and poor, some of the factors include increasing life expectancy, modern lifestyle, rising incidence of obesity to name just a few.

Paradoxically, advancement in medical therapies have only delayed the inevitable, they have only helped to manage the condition to a certain extent but neither to cure the disease nor reverse the condition and mankind is still left in the lurch to fight this silent killer.

Mega Lifesciences is a human wellness company with operations spread across 32 countries in the world has been in the business of manufacturing, marketing, distributing primarily and most importantly natural, herbal, Neutraceuticals and Cosmeceuticals across the continents of Asia, Africa, Australia and South America. Its products are aimed at preventing, treating, curing and most importantly improving health condition, naturally, through traditional and alternative medicines.

One of Mega’s most exciting herbal products that come with a promise of alleviating the distress of a diabetic patient, reversing the condition and probably curing him altogether is Ginsomin. Ginsomincontains Korean panax ginseng fortified with 22 vitamins and minerals to beat diabetes and offer him an active, energetic, strong and a happy life, in return.

Nature has blessed us with abundance of miraculous remedies which modern medicine seems to have overlooked in their quest for modern, synthetic treatment options.  The poor man is burdened with more pills and bills and less hope of freedom from the neither the disease nor its complications.

Ginseng is backed by 5,000 years of history, experience and usage. It comes with an encyclopedia of knowledge and science. Aptly termed the “root of heaven”, ginseng could be truly proclaimed as the savior of mankind from the dreaded metabolic disease and its complications that extends from the heart to the limbs.

The longevity, good health and immunity from chronic ailments of certain sects of people from the orient and elsewhere could be attributed to their regular consumption of ginseng.  Evidence proves that about six million Americans consume ginseng on a regular basis and this number would only look magnanimous when the rest of the world users gets added to it.

A general health tonic for invigoration, ginseng has been convincingly proven to ward off stress, which once again is implicated in causing and worsening conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  The German Commission E monograph has further gone ahead to recommend ginseng for convalescing patients.

Mega Lifesciences is proud to present this wonder drug, ginseng which is also considered in Greek medicine as a panacea for all illnesses, that’s how the word ‘panax’ originates, in a convenient pill form under its proprietary registered brand name Ginsomin.

GINSOMIN contains the worlds most recognised and patented variety of ginseng that is Korean panax ginseng combined with essential vitamins and minerals assuring you a life of wellness and not distress.

The extraordinary role of ginseng in improving memory, concentration, stamina, endurance, immunity is well documented in ancient medical scriptures such as MatericaMedica and so is its role in relieving stress, fatigue as well as its normalising effect on blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol

Needless to say that all these benefits come with unmatched safety profile that no modern, contemporary or synthetic drug can boost off.

Ginsomina day is a super way to beat diabetes and its complications and stay healthy as long as you live.