Farlin: Presenting unique range of feeding bottles that mimic nature

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For a baby and child care brand with a heritage of 30 years in the market, Farlin has been consistently focusing on perfecting the feeding process of the infant. In developing its range of feeding bottles and bottle nipples, Farlin has utilised unique insights and understanding into what makes an ideal feeding experience in comfort and ease. 

The highlight of the Farlin range is the manner in which it closely mimics nature, giving the experience of feeding at ease without disturbing the feeding pattern of babies.

Following many studies of observing babies and their unique habits and behaviour, Farlin has designed the range that best meet their needs. Farlin is also the first baby care brand to run a paediatric hospital and remains committed to designing and delivering products that suit baby needs best. 

Based in Taiwan, Farlin has consistently been recognised globally for innovation and top end brand presence. As a global brand, Farlin understands the changing dynamics of a market that prizes closeness to nature above all – accordingly, Farlin’s product ranges reflect that thinking.

The Farlin range of silicone bottles, come in a variety to choose from – there’s Transbottle I Silicone Bottle, Silky Transbottle I Silicone Bottle, Genuine Nurser and Shrinkable Silicone Feeding Bottle.  The mother will be able to store milk when she has to go out but thanks to Farlin’s unique design, the baby will be comforted by the close mimicking of the natural.

The shrinkable silicone bottle is known as an innovative breakthrough in design for Farlin; it can be shrunk for easy storage and comes with a unique texture similar to the natural warmth of the mother, which in turn allows the baby to be comforted and soothed while being fed. 

Breast feeding and breast milk will always be the best choice for children but for the mothers who must go back to work after giving birth, the Farlin range provides a safe and a unique solution with a range of feeding nipples that closely simulates nature.

The Farlin range of feeding bottle nipples come in a wide variety to choose from; Nipple for Shrinkable Feeding Bottle, Stretchy Anti-Colic Fur-Preventing Nipple, Stretchy Anti-Colic Fur-Preventing Nipple, Anti-Colic Silicone Nipple with wide neck and Anti-Colic Silicone Nipple with standard neck. The entire range has been closely monitored to ensure that the natural feeling of breastfeeding prevails as closely as possible, according to the sole distributor for Farlin in Sri Lanka, Kiddies & Toys International (KTI).

“The Farlin range comes with a lengthened air value that prevents colic and in a unique design, has the potential to stretch to mimic nature while bionic design features the mammary glands in what could be called a breakthrough design that stays perfectly close to nature,” says a spokesman for KTI.

As the sole distributor for Farlin products in Sri Lanka, KTI has carved a unique niche for itself as a key player in the industry for baby, child and mother care products of the highest quality.