Dengue and homoeoprophylaxis

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By Dr. Mass R. Usuf 

Homoeopathic intervention acts as an excellent preventive (prophylaxis) against the menace of dengue and even as an effective option for treatment. Homoeopathy has had much success over the centuries in containing epidemics by way of prophylaxis (preventive treatment). 

During the great influenza pandemic of 1918, The Journal of the American Institute of Homeopathy, May 1921 reported that out of 24, 000 flu cases treated by orthodox medicine the mortality rate was 28.2% while those treated homoeopathically was only 1.05%. In the same manner treatment of typhus fever in an 1813 epidemic recorded a mortality of 30% under conventional treatment with 1% under homoeopathy. 

When cholera ravaged Europe in 1831 the mortality rate (under conventional treatment) was between 40% - 80% and 9% under homoeopathy and so on

Over the last few years many newspaper articles were written and letters sent to relevant authorities about the efficacy of homoeopathy as a dengue preventive and also as an effective therapeutic mode to counter the virulence of the disease but it is mystifying to see no action being taken by the authorities concerned despite thousands falling ill and hundreds dying with hospitals unable to cope with the influx of dengue patients! 

In the face of the current uncontrollable epidemic that has the nation at its knees it is so incomprehensible as to why the health authorities are turning a blind eye when there is in homoeopathy an unimaginably cheap and effective drug, namely, Eupertorium Perfoliatum (potentised version made from the thoroughwort plant) that prevents the disease from developing by providing immunity against the virus. 

Besides acting as a prophylaxis, given six hourly, a patient affected by dengue will be up and about within 48 hours… no blood tests, no hospitalisation, no hospital expenses, no suffering, no deaths!

Homoeopathic drugs have no side effects and can be administered even to day-old infants. As an aside, hospital resources will not be strained as hardly any patient will seek treatment from a hospital once he/she takes the weekly prophylactic till the epidemic abates.

Also, in homoeopathy are excellent drugs to treat patients in the critical stage of Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever (DHF) and even Dengue Shock Syndrome (DSS). That those treated homoeopathically during the nascent stage of dengue fever would reach the DHF or DSS state is an extremely remote possibility. 

If schools, community centres, places of religious worship, etc. are used to distribute the homeopathic prophylactic every week till the epidemic wanes, people will not fall prey to dengue in the thousands, nor would they die of serious complications!

All it needs is the distribution of packed medicated globules to centres in affected areas. The Homoeopathic Medical Council, the Government Homoeopathic Hospital and the Presidential Task Force for Dengue can work together to make it happen. 

Local body officials can then take over by organising a weekly distribution program run by volunteers using schools, community centres, places of religious worship, etc. This way thousands need not suffer and hundreds need not die!

[The writer, PhD, MD (Acu), MFHom, can be reached via email]