Biona Burn with green coffee extracts for a well-shaped body

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The latest reports say that more than 25% of the adult population of Sri Lanka suffer from excessive bodyweight. Among them, women are most affected by unwanted fat deposited in the abdomen area, also known as central obesity. Obesity or overweight, could be attributed to negative health habits such as, lack of exercises, excessive consumption of fast food, unhealthy lifestyle and habits, skipping meals and the genetic code of certain types of people. Amongst the side effects of unhealthy body fat, non-communicable diseases such as osteo-arthritis, cardio vascular diseases, and diabetes are some of the key listed effects, which in turn prove to be potentially dangerous for healthy functioning of the body. The best way to get rid of these side effects is by maintaining a healthy level of body weight by changing one’s lifestyle. Generally, this can be done by reducing the intake of high calorie foods, exercising for at least 30 minutes a day, healthy eating habits and adding fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. A key deterrent of managing obesity, is lack of awareness of weight measures which would indicate where you stand in terms of being over-weight, obese or healthy. This could be identified easily as maintaining the correct weight to height ratio by using metrics such as the BMI calculation (Body Mass Index). With our busy life styles hampering other methods of getting rid of unnecessary fat, the natural food supplement which consists of green coffee bean extract, brought to you under the Biona brand, has already gained the trust as one of the most effective ways in staying in shape. Chlorogenic acid which is a main ingredient in green coffee beans, is a natural chemical compound which burns excess fat to reduce obesity. Biona Burn, which comes with green coffee bean extract, is the perfect solution to own a well-shaped body and it has already made an impact within the Lankan market as a trusted product. Biona always offers the best for the Lankans and they have undertaken the task of creating awareness on healthy habits and weight management, through the introduction of these world class products and conducting workshops, partnering with professional dietitians and physical training instructors. As a part of this initiative, Biona recently hosted a series of events named Biona Burn and Shape Challenge with Zumba Dance Exercise instructor Dharshan. Biona is a leading brand brought to you by Natures Only and is distributed in Sri Lanka by Delmege Forsyth and Company Ltd., while it can be purchased at any pharmacy, super market or cosmetics sale point in the country. More details can be obtained by calling 0772493333 or visiting or Biona Beauty Sri Lanka on Facebook.