Anlene, Kumar and Yehali encourage Sri Lankans to say yes to mobility

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True to its efforts to increase the awareness and importance of bone health amongst women, Anlene recently launched its first ‘Asthi Shakthi Kantha Shakthi Movement’ activity camp in Colombo.

The Movement, announced earlier this month, is championed by cricket legend, Kumar Sangakkara and his wife Yehali, aims to highlight good bone health through a series of Activity camps and by building mobility paths in different parts of the country. Almost 11,500 came together to learn about improving their mobility through maintaining bone health at the first activity camp which was held at Galle Face Green. Women in particular were taken through an interactive journey of bone health education which included talks, demonstrations, and physical activities to highlight the relationship between healthy bones and an active lifestyle.

The highlight of the event was the participation of Sri Lankan cricketing hero Kumar Sangakkara and his wife Yehali, who have partnered with Anlene for the Anlene Asthi Shakthi Kantha Shakti Movement. Kumar and Yehali have pledged their support to promote and create awareness on the importance of bone health and mobility for all people.“It was encouraging to see the turn out at the inaugural event of the ‘Anlene Asthi Shakthi Kantha Shakthi’ Movement. Yehali and I are proud to be a partner with Anlene and their ongoing efforts to encourage Sri Lankans to pay more attention to engaging in physical activity and eating the right nutrition, to improve their mobility for a more fulfilling life,” said Kumar Sangakkara. Participants learnt how maintaining health and mobility is important for the whole family as well as being integral to an active, positive community. From adults having one-to-one consultation with nutritionists, to families playing games such as hopscotch and basketball, the message that regular weight-bearing exercise, supported by a balanced diet with calcium and vitamin D-rich foods, was delivered in a fun and relevant way. “We are delighted with the interest and enthusiasm that has been shown in the first of many activity camps planned out for the Anlene Asthi Shakthi Kantha Shakthi Movement,” said Achyut Kasireddy, Managing Director, Fonterra Brands Lanka.

Kasireddy continued: “Over the next few months we hope to reach out to people throughout the island and spark an enduring interest in the importance of caring for bones to support a full and active life. To help with this further, we have just completed our first Anlene Mobility Path in Galle, near the International Cricket Stadium.We are continuing to build these in community areas so that the public will have access to routes for walking and jogging as part of their daily bone health routine.”The next Anlene Asthi Shakthi Kantha Shakthi Movement activity camp is planned for Kandy early in the New Year, as part of the campaign’s ongoing aim to encourage greater awareness of nutrition and mobility throughout the country.