Shungite – The stone with the power to protect

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In the highly techno-centric life we live today, we are equally aware of our dependence on electrical and technical equipment as well as the health hazards in the extensive usage of it. However, the negative aspects are often neglected to give way to convenience. Therefore, would it not be ideal to have a source that would eliminate all negative rays that emit from such equipment that we surround ourselves with, like computers, mobile phones and microwaves? 

Shungite, a two-billion-year-old mineral, discovered in the 1700s in Shunga, in the Karelia area in Russia has proven to be the answer to our need. This ancient stone with several beliefs to its origin is claimed to be one of the only known natural sources of Fullerenes (a powerful anti-oxidant). The stone attracted attention when a group of scientists won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996 for their study on Fullerenes. 

The high concentration of Fullerenes in Shungite embodies energy in the stone, which is capable of eliminating anything that is a health hazard to the human body, including acting as a shield against electromagnetic radiation from electrical equipment. It is also believed to have active metaphysical properties with strong healing powers. For centuries, Fullerenes has been used to cleanse water. It is also found as an ingredient in skin care products, balms, hair care products as well as building products and paint. 

Taking these elements into consideration, Dimensions has introduced the latest Shungite Phone Plates to Sri Lanka. These plates can simply be placed at the back of a mobile phone or its cover since it comes with adhesive. The plate successfully neutralises harmful electromagnetic waves, which affect one’s energetic balance, and cerebral and auditory functions. It is able to correct and transform the waves into biocompatible emanation and does so continuously because Shungite does not become saturated or take on a negative charge. The plate can also be instrumental in providing powerful and positive energetic effects, which result in relieving stress and irritation, increasing productivity and performance, and contributing to psycho-emotional balance.

In addition, Shungite is at present been investigated for several potential industrial uses such as in solar generating devices where it could replace silicone to screen off damage caused by Ultra Violet rays. It can possibly help healing allergic conditions, including asthma. The Shungite stone can be found in different classes, the Noble or Elite Shungite, a.k.a. the Silver Shungite, being the one with the highest concentration of Carbon and Fullerenes. In a more mystical sense, Shungite is believed to be good to keep within one’s aura since its deep primordial energy brings ancient spirits into the process in a protective role. Furthermore, it infuses the auric field with light and allows only positive and beneficial energy to reach you, and its ancient energy apparently provides psychic protection. Therefore, Shungite is a helpful stone, which can be worn as jewelry or kept closer to oneself. 

Shungite stones are available at Dimensions, situated at No. 555/2/b/2, Kaduwela Road, Thalangama North, Battaramulla. For more details, please contact 0710707070 or [email protected]