Nawaloka Hospitals promotes early detection among women through special screening offers

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Nawaloka Hospital 

In the midst of juggling a sizablelist of personal and professional commitments, most women find that they have little time to focus on their health. Given the effects of heightened stress and unhealthy lifestyles, this takes on an additional dimension of risk, leaving women vulnerable to a host of ailments. This is why Nawaloka Hospitals has made it a major point of focus to encourage women of all ages to pre-emptively engage this threat by routinely undergoing a comprehensive check-up at its state-of-the-art testing facilities.

As part of its International Women’s Day agenda, the healthcare leader plans to aggressively promote this message and is offering multiple tests and services at a concessionary rate throughout the month. 

These will comprise a 30% discount on the ‘Well Woman’ package and a 10% reduction on a mammogram. The services and tests that are included in the ‘Well Woman’ package are a lipid profile, FBS, serum creatinine, UFR, TSH, SGPT, ESR, serum electrolytes, medical officer examination and free cosmetic examination.

“This Women’s Day we really wanted to highlight what women could do to stay healthy and free of illness. We live in a society where, because of unhealthy lifestyles, stress and several other factors, disease is becoming increasingly prevalent.This reality means that people have to be constantly vigilant against disease. Screening is a central part of this process since early detection plays a huge role in the outcome of any course of treatment,” saidNawaloka ‘Serene’ Health Screening CentreHead Dr. AshwiniRajan. 

This is particularly true of breast cancer, which according to the World Health Organization is the most common form of cancer among women, afflicting 2.1 million women each year. On average, 2,500 new cases of breast cancer are detected in Sri Lanka every year. Given the fact that this manifestation of the disease is curable, screening through a mammogram has served asa major lifesaving measure for millions of women across the world. Nawaloka’s dedicated Breast Care Centre is equipped with advanced three-dimensional digital mammography capability, ensuring high-quality imaging and more comfort. Crucially, three-dimensional mammography detects cancerous growths in the breast which can be missed if two-dimensional mammography alone is used.

Apart from the cutting-edge mammography techniques available at its Breast Care Centre, Nawaloka Hospitals’ Serene Centre is armed with the latest technology for all major health screening. All packages offered at the Serene Centre include an examination and advice from a consultant physician. Additionally, all reports are completed within two days of the relevant tests to facilitate prompt consultation with the respective physician.