Nawaloka Hospitals Fertility Centre upgrades facilities to provide best-in-class care

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Nawaloka Hospital 

Celebrating 12 years of assisting couples across the country realise their dream of conceiving a child, Sri Lanka’s leading private healthcare provider Nawaloka Hospital announced the completion of upgrades to its state of the art fertility centre – bringing the facility on par with the highest international standards. 

In the last two years alone, the clinic supported over 150 couples to successfully conceive and experience the joy of being a parent for the first time. With its recently completed upgrades, the facility will now be capable of drastically expanding and refining its services, and is considered to be a leading primary fertility healthcare specialist in the south Asian region.

“Since its inception just over a decade ago, Nawaloka Fertility Centre has been able to successfully assist hundreds of couples struggling to conceive a child, realise their dream of becoming a parent. We consider it a great honour and privilege to provide this important assistance to aspiring parents by providing the best services and facilities available in Sri Lanka,” Nawaloka Hospitals Head of Fertility Centre Dr. Ashwini Rajan said. 

According to Dr. Rajan, an estimated one out of six couples globally experience difficulties in conceiving a child, usually due to issues such as defective egg release, blockage of fallopian tube(s), abnormalities in the sperm or a combination of the above factors. 

“We conduct comprehensive medical examinations of both partners to determine the cause of infertility. 4-D ultrasound scans, laparoscopy and sperm analysis are performed at our Fertility Centre and once the results have been studied we are able to formulate a clear plan of action for the couple to help them conceive,” Dr. Rajan explained. 

Established in 2006, the Nawaloka Fertility centre utilises cutting edge technology – including an ultramodern bench-top ‘Invicell’ incubator – to ensure maximum success rates for In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and Intra- Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) procedures. Further, the clinic also conducts ‘triple-witnessing’ of all samples by a Doctor, Embryologist and Nurse in order to ensure safety to eggs, sperm and embryos during IVF. 

Additionally, a range of treatments from simple procedures to trigger release of eggs/IUI, to advanced treatments such as, IVF, sperm and egg donation, and testicular biopsy are available at Nawaloka Fertility Centre. Special tests and treatment for recurrent implantation failure are also available at Nawaloka Fertility Centre.

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