Nawaloka-GEM Weight Management, Bariatric and Liver Surgery Centre opens

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Nawaloka Hospitals in association with GEM Hospital, Coimbatore India unveiled the Nawaloka-GEM Weight Management, Bariatric and Liver Surgery Centre on 20 August. The newly-formed centre introduces a multidisciplinary approach to weight loss for the first time in Sri Lanka, offering tailor-made programs to achieve individual targets. 

This medically-supervised program follows international standards in weight reduction techniques that include nutritional counselling, fitness training, psychosocial support and medical intervention where necessary. The purpose-built GEM Weight Management, Bariatric and Liver Surgery Centre faces a pleasantly green area and consists of seminar rooms and a training gym. 

Commenting on the program, Nawaloka Hospitals Director General Manager Professor Lal Chandrasena said: “Any successful weight loss regime would include a mix of various approaches leading to sustainable lifestyle changes under careful medical supervision. These approaches would target promoting healthy eating, physical activity, psychological wellbeing, etc. At the Nawaloka-GEM Weight Management, Bariatric and Liver Surgery Centre we have assembled a team of experts who would look into different aspects of weight management. 

“The key aspect of our program is that we provide multidisciplinary care which is the cornerstone in managing overweight and obese patients, who invariably suffer from a range of non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obstructive sleep apnea to name a few. The management of all aspects of the patient is vital for a successful outcome. Consequently, we offer customised programs that help each individual to not only lose weight but also maintain a healthy physique in the long run with proper management of their health and wellbeing.”

The Nawaloka-GEM Weight Management, Bariatric and Liver Surgery Centre employs a panel of consultants, physicians, endocrinologists, nutritionists and fitness trainers. In addition, the centre employs world-renowned bariatric surgeons who possess ample experience in the field. 

Once a patient approaches the centre for consultation, the team of professionals assesses that individual’s unique situation, requirements and overall health before determining a plan of action. Upon reaching a detailed analysis, the team then proceeds to design a personalised weight loss regime for the patient and continues to guide him or her throughout the designated time frame to achieve success. 

“One of the key aspects of our program is medical management, which is especially important if a patient has diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or other weight-related conditions that require monitoring during weight loss,” added Dr. Nilwala Jayasinghe, Consultant Physician and a team member of the unit. 

The Nawaloka Weight Management and Bariatric Centre provides flexible and cost effective weight loss packages to those interested in seeking a comprehensive approach to achieve positive results and learn the skills necessary to maintain long-term weight loss.