Link launches new herbal drink to boost immunity and fight disease

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By Shannon Jayawardena 

Link Natural on Monday launched a new herbal drink named Amurthaya to help boost immunity and fight all disease. 

The drink is a blend of Nelli and Rasakinda which are known to be the fundamental components of the local ayurveda.

The combination of Nelli and Rasakinda together effectively allay the numerous diseases, illnesses and discomforts of the body and helps maintain a healthy and balanced physic. Likewise it purifies the blood by removing toxins from the body and removes harmful free radicals that arise in the body during metabolism.

Link Natural Research and Product Development Head T.M.C. Tennakoon said, “Nelli and Rasakinda which blend to make this drink are two ingredients used by ancestors dating years back because of its natural essence and pure nutrition. This drink has the ability of purifying the entire body and helps us fight the problems that we cannot do ourselves.”

A daily dose of Swastha Amurtha also helps with the burning sensation in the soles of the feet, smarting sensation of the eyes and burning sensation of the body, discomfort associated with the urinary system, excessive sweating and associated body odour, joint pains such as knee pain and ankle pain and skin conditions such as heat rashes, rough skin and dry skin.

Consultant Creative Director Upali Herath noted, “Dr. Uditha Liyanage once said the majority of our society could be revered to as ‘mod-tradis’. Even though we constantly use mobile phones we are still very much rooted in our traditions. Likewise when we take this product, the contents are traditional but the packaging is modernised. We are offering our land’s wisdom to our people.”

A box containing seven packets is priced at Rs. 175 and is made of 100% natural ingredients. Consumed either hot or cold the drink positively facilitates the internal body functions and thereby helps to achieve healthy skin, good health and longevity.

Link Natural Sales Director NishanthaParanagama stated, “Life goes on whether it rains or not. Throughout all our challenges, our clients still continue their journey with us. All we hope to do is provide a healthy solution for all our customers. Link has a brand presence of 35 years and today after years of experimenting we have introduced an all important and valuable new product to the local market.”

Pix by RuwanWalpola