Lanka Hospitals spearheads awareness drive on potential dengue outbreak during monsoon

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  • Highlights the importance of seeking proper medical attention without resorting to home remedies

Lanka Hospitals recently convened a media conference at its auditorium to enlighten the masses on the threat of a dengue outbreak during the upcoming monsoon season. The media conference was held under the patronage of a panel comprising Consultant Paediatrician Dr. Samantha de Silva and Consultant Physicians Dr. Ananda Wijewickrama and Dr. Mahesh Harischandra. 

Commenting on the matter, Lanka Hospitals Director Medical Services Dr. S. Rathnapriya stated, “As one nation we need to take corrective measures to prevent dengue and spread awareness to take sufficient measures on dengue prevention.” Dr. Rathnapriya also stressed that media could play an important role of taking the message to the public and educating the masses wisely.

Due to inclement weather and intermittent rains, the threat of dengue outbreak was on the rise in the recent times. In order to prevent the situation from arising once again, the discussion brought to light the importance of individual awareness on the disease. Further, it was emphasised on adapting a healthy lifestyle to prevent the spread of dengue and undergoing specific tests to correctly identify the illness. This is to prevent recurrence of dengue fever, particularly for those with dengue symptoms, those who contracted the illness or those who recovered from the illness. 

During the media conference, attention was drawn to the matter of pursuing home or native remedies without seeking professional medical attention to cure dengue fever. In response, the resource panel from Lanka Hospitals stated that it’s vital to consult a doctor and that the patient should refrain from exertion, ascertaining that dengue fever can be completely cured. Furthermore, the panel also stated that the western medical practitioners do not recommend papaya leaf juice for the treatment of patients with dengue fewer or suspect dengue fever.

The attendees were enlightened on the methods and means of prevention, where attention was drawn on how each Sri Lankan can contribute proactively to the valuable cause. The panel further underscored that by maintaining clean environments through ongoing community clean-up campaigns, potential dengue breeding habitats can be eliminated; adding that this stands as the only solution to the problem. 

Placing strong emphasis on the importance of prevention than treatment, Lanka Hospitals went beyond the periphery of a hospital to launch a proactive widespread awareness drive among the masses on prevention and management of dengue fever. Many representatives from Lanka Hospitals PLC as well as from media institutions were present at the occasion.