Lanka Hospitals facilitates early detection of breast cancer through ultra modern digital mammograph

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The internationally accredited, multi award-winning Lanka Hospitals Corporation PLC has always been at the forefront of local medical sector for incorporating advanced technologies into its medical practices. As a result, the dynamic hospital brand has introduced the latest digital mammogram test (mammography screening) for early detection and prevention of breast cancer. 

According to the World Health Organisation Breast Cancer is the most common type of cancer in the world, and nearly 50% of breast cancer cases occur in developing countries. It is also the most curable type of cancer, where survival rates vary between 60%-80% in the developed countries. However, the incidence of breast cancer is rapidly increasing in the developing countries, with nearly 3,000 cases being reported in Sri Lanka every year. Scarcity of proper procedures for early detection and treatment has resulted in the escalation of cases in the developing world. 

Identifying signs and symptoms and breast screening tests are two methods that help detect breast cancers at early stage, where the latter is conducted through the only effective screening method – the mammogram exam.

“Lanka Hospital conducts mammogram exam using the most modern Siemens equipment, therefore the radiation emitted during the screening is much less. In comparison, a person who uses a mobile phone for 1.5 to 2 years will be subjected to much higher radiation than the amount of radiation emitted during a mammogram,” Lanka Hospitals Corporation PLC Consultant Oncological Surgeon Dr. Naomal Perera said.

Elaborating further he added, “Most women think breast cancer is incurable. However, it can be fully cured through early detection. The latest digital Mammogram exam can detect the slightest trace of cancer, even 1 or 2 years before a lump becomes palpable. Early detection of breast cancer prevents the need to undergo painful treatment procedures such as chemotherapy.” 

According to Dr. Perera, women who are unmarried or without children, those on contraceptive pills, or those who take estrogen, as well as those who have reached puberty at a very early age are at a higher risk of developing breast cancer. Underscoring the importance of early detection, he noted that it’s mandatory for those with higher risk factors, such as ones with positive family history of breast cancer, to undergo a mammography test at least once every 1.5 years, while it is advisable for everyone else to get a mammogram once in every two years to keep their health in check.

Lanka Hospital facilitates Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT), which provides a higher diagnostic accuracy compared to conventional mammography. The method creates a 3D imagery of the breast using x-rays, and provides digitised analysis. Lanka Hospital incorporates state-of-the-art Siemens machinery applied solely for radiological investigation, where lumps can be easily localised for the biopsy test. 

As a hospital brand that values offering optimal service to its discerning customers, Lanka Hospital has established a dedicated Centre for Women, which plays the key role of a one stop centre, where women’s health issues are concerned. The centre houses a special unit to conduct all medical examinations pertaining to breast cancer, and offers same day service with immediate issuance of reports, providing great relief for those who arrive from cities outside Colombo. All reports issued by the dedicated centre for women will be referred to a specialist or a surgeon specially trained in breast surgery within the same day.