Clinically-proven all-natural cough syrup to address cough and cold now in Sri Lanka

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All of us have experienced a cough that troubled us the whole night or a runny nose that kept us away from the delights of life. Now for the first time in Sri Lanka, Healing Herbs All Natural Cough Syrup, manufactured by Astron Ltd. is clinically proven to address seven signs of respiratory tract infections such as dry cough, productive cough, common cold, phlegm, sore throat, runny nose and nasal congestion. 

According to Dr. Pathirage Kamal Perera [(PhD in Pharmacology (Nanjing), MSc (USJ/SL), BAMS (Hons.) (SL), CTHE (SL), SEDA accredited in higher education (UK)], cough is a reaction which tries to remove an irritant such as a foreign matter or mucus from lungs and airway passages. A product that treats the root cause of respiratory tract infections can help in curing a cough and cold without limiting to managing the symptoms of the infection, virus or the allergy. 

The revolutionary ability of Healing Herbs All Natural Cough Syrup in healing respiratory tract infections effectively, can be credited to the two main active ingredients Ivy and Pelargonium that have both antimicrobial and antiviral effects which doesn’t exist in standard cough treatments in the market.  

Ivy extract, the main ingredient in Healing Herbs cough syrup helps to expand the bronchial tubes (airways) and thin the mucus so it could be expelled easily while improving the total lung function. Pelargonium extract, with anti-microbial properties helps to alleviate symptoms of common cold and boosts the immune system whilst adding a pleasant flavour, bee honey helps to dehydrate bacteria.  

Formulated with 100% natural unique combination of time tested herbs from Switzerland that has been in use for centuries around the world, Healing Herbs All Natural Cough Syrup is free of sugar and free of alcohol. Healing Herbs All Natural Cough Syrup is manufactured adhering to international standards such as WHO - GMP, HACCP and ISO 22000 by Astron Ltd., the largest privately owned pharmaceutical manufacturer in Sri Lanka since 1956. An open label single arm clinical trial conducted with Institute of Indigenous Medicine, University of Colombo has shown clear and highly significant benefits of Healing Herbs Cough Syrup in reducing symptoms of respiratory tract actions with oral intake of 5ml of Healing Herbs Cough Syrup for seven days, three times a day after a main meal. No side effects have been reported in the study thus safety is accompanied with efficacy. Priced at Rs. 360, Healing Herbs All Natural Cough Syrup is recommended for children above two years, registered under the department of Ayurveda and is available at all leading pharmacies island wide.