Christell Clinic on fast track to completing 1,000 PRP treatments in Sri Lanka

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Christell Clinic, Sri Lanka’s most advanced cosmetic skin care centre, is on the fast-track to completing 1,000 platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapies since it first began offering treatments in 2014. PRP therapy which utilises patients’ own blood, is an avant-garde procedure used to regrow hair, repair injuries and treat various skin related problems with minimum side effects. 

Since establishment, Christell Clinic has rapidly gained a reputation for offering the island’s most revolutionary and innovative beauty therapy solutions for treatment of body, hair and skin, spearheaded by the dedicated efforts of its celebrated founders, mother-daughter duo: Professor Ramani Arsecularatne and Dr. Shanika Arsecularatne.

“Platelet-rich plasma therapy is an incredibly beneficial and completely safe form of beauty treatment that is quickly becoming one of the most widely researched and sought-after cosmetology therapies available today. As Christell Clinic rapidly approaches its 1,000th treatment, we are seeing much greater interest from Sri Lankans seeking effective long-term remedies for a wide range of conditions from combating hair loss, scarring, pigmentation to helping return skin to a youthful complexion and give our clients a new lease on life,” Dr. Shanika explained. 

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a concentrate of platelet-rich plasma protein derived from whole blood, centrifuged to remove red blood cells. It has a greater concentration of growth factors than whole blood and has been used to encourage a brisk healing response across several specialties, in particular dentistry, orthopaedics and dermatology.

Christell Clinic’s own highly qualified teams of specialists have performed over a thousand PRP facials using the Swiss Region Lab Technology and other PRP related procedures at the clinic.  

PRP facials are predominantly used overseas having gained numerous enthusiastic celebrity endorsements for its remarkable anti-aging properties that are capable of minimising wrinkles as a result of its high collagen content.    

“The best antidote for hair loss is PRP therapy wherein the patient’s own blood is utilised, and the concentrate helps in hair regrowth. In addition, various skin related issues are treated through PRP as the concentrated platelets in PRP contain a tremendous amount of bioactive proteins, which promote tissue repair at an accelerated pace,” Professor Ramani noted. 

The non-surgical procedure followed by Christell Clinic offers solutions to the pervading beauty related issues faced by men and women. For instance, most adults are faced with the added stress of dealing with excessive hair loss which could be due to metabolic imbalances, illness, stress, nutritional deficiency, pollution and genetics. 

Unlike external products there is no risk of allergies or long-term side effects through PRP as the client’s own blood is used in the procedure. Moreover, Christell Clinic, offers clients unprecedented value for money as the PRP procedure which uses the most advanced and globally accepted Swiss Region Lab Technology is provided at the lowest cost when compared with other countries both regionally and globally. The premium service rendered by the expert staff and the personalised touch makes Christell Clinic the number one choice in all matters related to skin care and beauty therapy.